Be Our Guest: Profile of a Business Center / Social Space User

by Kat Minton | Uniguest | December 2017

The days of hotel public-use technology catering solely to the business traveler are long gone. While public-use technology still works to meet the needs of those traveling for work, it is also serving guests traveling for leisure.

In the past 30 months, user activity in Uniguest public-use technology has grown by 40 percent, serving 85 million users in 2016 alone. In addition to the heavy usage of productivity applications such as Word and Excel, there were more than 1 billion website hits. Business travelers tend to utilize the productivity applications and printing functions more, while leisure travelers tend to visit webmail, social media sites, and travel pages.

With a 35 percent surge in printing, it is no surprise to find that more than 65 percent of travelers deem printing capabilities as a critical amenity to have at a hotel. To accommodate for this need, hotels are adding wireless printers, like cloud printing, to their social spaces and business centers so that guests can print from their own devices and pick up their documents with a secure code when they are ready.

Regardless of the type of traveler you are serving, the resounding need for travelers using public-use technology is security. Whether logging into personal mail or accessing a highly confidential document, the user should have peace of mind that upon logging off or a period idle activity, the session will be wiped clean and none of their information will be left behind for another user to stumble upon. In addition to the personal security, all kiosks are equipped with content filtering to ensure that guests do not come across any sites that would not be suitable for a public space.