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CASE STUDY: PwC: A Communication Tool to Reach 2,000 Employees

PwC is the largest professional services firm in Ireland and provides integrated assurance, advisory and taxation services across all industries in Ireland and internationally. In 2007, PwC re-located its Dublin offices to a state-of-the-art 220,000 square feet landmark building which caters to some 2,000 people. PwC places great emphasis on communication in day-to-day business and the installation of a digital signage network has been a key method of ensuring people are continuously updated and informed.


The staff employed in the Dublin headquarters is located in a landmark building in Dublin’s financial district. The building has been designed to the highest standards and specifications and includes leading-edge technology. At PwC, people require up-to-date and accurate information in a timely manner and the traditional method of notice boards and newsletters are costly, time-consuming and environmentally unfriendly within a building with a scale such as PwC. A digital signage solution was deemed to be an effective method to communicate internally.


ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) were chosen as the digital signage solution by the PwC nominated installer. This was due to the flexible scaling options and layout designs available.

To reach such a large number of employees, the location of the screens was very important. In this instance, it was decided the key visual points were the reception area, the lift lobby areas, and the on-site hospitality suite, training center and gym. These positions were chosen due to the high foot traffic through these areas. In total, 29 screens were mounted in the headquarters. These screens keep employees updated on PwC and local initiatives, whilst also providing visitors with an overview of new publications and upcoming events.

The ONELAN NTBs allow a screen to be divided into different zones, which allows for different media formats, such as flash animation, RSS news feeds, or live TV.


PwC have been awarded “Best Company to Work for in Ireland 2008”. PwC has an established ethos for placing employees first and for creating the right business atmosphere for them and their clients. The ONELAN digital signage network installed at PwC has been a stepping stone in its communication solution.

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