A Brief Introduction to Digital Signage for Guest and Employee Engagement

A Brief Introduction to Digital Signage for Guest and Employee Engagement

A Brief Introduction to Digital Signage for Guest and Employee Engagement

A guest’s impression of a hotel is formed in the first 10 minutes of arrival. And according to ScreenCloud, “Digital signage is one of the easiest ways to serve a variety of important welcome messages, useful information and entertainment to guests within that crucial 10 minutes.”

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is the upgrade of standard print signage to a digital format that allows the host to update information frequently with ease. This technology can be displayed in various locations across any public space, providing valuable and relevant information to guests and employees alike.

How is digital signage used?

Digital signage can be deployed throughout spaces within hotels, restaurants, museums, stadiums, retail stores, corporate offices, senior living communities, and more. The versatility of digital signage makes it a perfect fit for sharing a variety of promotional content, videos, media and information across many industries and audiences.


Food & Beverage

Directions & Travel




Messaging allows businesses to get the right information to the right audience at the right time. This can be a communication from the GM to employees in a hotel’s Heart of House, or local attraction and weather information to arriving guests. Digital signage allows your business to communicate a clear and concise message on your terms and on your timeline.
Food & Beverage entices everyone, from guests to staff, with on-property amenities. Real-time advertising allows you to highlight specials, inventory, and customer reviews.
Directions can be easily displayed for often requested locations such as directions airports, business centers, local attractions and more!
Sports are an important interest for many travelers. Keep them entertained and informed of the latest scores and updates with a sports-related news feed. This can be easily customized to local teams for added relevance.
Wayfinder makes it less stressful for guests to navigate any property or business. An interactive map showcases distinctive amenities like restaurants, spas, shops and even their rooms.

Flight boards provide your guests with timely and valuable information while they’re on the move throughout the property. Trust us, no one wants to be late to the airport.

Understanding Screen Quality

While there are many possible uses for digital signage, how you want to utilize it will help you make the next big decision: screen quality. When making a decision about what digital signage solution makes the most sense for your property, there are a few technical things to consider. 

Placement is the most important when it comes to screen quality. Where the digital sign is going to be placed plays a key role in how bright you’ll want the screen as well as the resolution.

NIT is a measurement of how much light the TV screen sends to your eyes (luminance) within a given area. Higher NIT = higher brightness. 

1080p v. 4k refer to the screen’s resolution. Your use and budget are going to be key factors here. The Ultra High Definition 4K is more expensive than more traditional 1080p devices.

Brainstorm Your Digital Signage Solution with an Expert

There’s a lot that goes into your digital signage decision. We know that and we’re here to help! Our expert team is ready to collaborate on your next digital signage project — just shoot us a note at sales@uniguest.com.

AHLA’s Safe Stay Guidelines & Reopening Tech Tips for Hotels

AHLA’s Safe Stay Guidelines & Reopening Tech Tips for Hotels

AHLA’s Safe Stay Guidelines & Reopening Tech Tips for Hotels

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) recently launched Safe Stay, a new initiative that will help hoteliers improve hotel cleaning, social interactions and protocols while offering guests increased transparency so they know they are well cared for.

Following AHLA’s leadership and to assist industry-wide recovery efforts, Uniguest is offering ideas and technology solutions to help operators follow and exceed these guidelines as detailed here.

Tip: Utilize digital signage to communicate your safety measures with guests.

1. Front of House Signage

Stay Safe Guideline for Front of House Signage

“During all times in which the usage of masks is recommended by the CDC and/or other local health authorities, health and hygiene reminders shall be placed at high-traffic areas on property, including the front lobby area at a minimum, indicating the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks.”

It can be difficult to grab attention to the guidelines with outmoded printed signage. Uniguest’s digital signage solutions can help by providing engaging, easy-to-follow displays that are accessible to all guests and easy for hotels to manage. It’s also an opportunity to show guests how you are going the extra mile and connect them to any resources you’re offering for their safe stay. Find out more about our digital signage solutions for guests here.

Tip: Keep guests in-the-know even when they’re in their rooms with interactive IPTV.

Some guests may also want to get right to their rooms and away from public spaces. You can still keep them informed by leveraging in-room television. Our interactive IPTV and guest room entertainment product can help you meet guests where they are with the information that will keep us all safe and successful. Learn more here.

2. Back of House Signage

Stay Safe Guidelines for Back of House Signage

Signage shall be posted at a minimum in the employee break room and cafeteria, and other areas employees frequently enter or exit. Signage will remind employees of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks, use gloves, wash hands, sneeze and to avoid touching their faces.

Hotels can go above and beyond by not only keeping employees in touch with safety information, but also sharing motivational messaging and other content that helps rekindle your team atmosphere. It’s important in this time to ensure your teammates feel connected. Strategic messaging through use of digital signage can help. Learn more about how Uniguest can help with Employee Engagement here.

Tip: Make team members feel informed, cared for and recognized as they return to work with digital signage.

3. Cleaning Products & Protocols for Public Spaces, Communal Areas and Shared Equipment

Stay Safe Guidelines for Cleaning Products & Public Spaces

Cleaning products and protocols shall include EPA-approved disinfectants that meet CDC requirements for use and efficacy against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens.

Cleaning is crucial for the physical and emotional safety of your guests, especially when it comes to frequently-touched surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons. Uniguest has vetted and developed a line of products to AHLA’s standards that will both help clean surfaces in your public spaces and help show guests the level of precaution your property is taking. Learn more about Guest Protect here.

Tip: Implement cleaning protocols based on Safe Stay guidelines and communicate those measures to guests and staff through digital signage.

4. Communicating Safe Stay Guidelines and Information

“Stay Safe will seek to change hotel industry norms, behaviors and standards helping to ensure both hotel guests and employees are confident in the cleanliness and safety of hotels once travel resumes.”

Chip Rogers

President & CEO, AHLA

Guidelines are likely to evolve as we work together to move forward and look ahead. Technology is here to help keep your guests and employees informed on the latest as we navigate these new waters. Uniguest is ready and equipped to be a partner to our hotel friends — just raise the flag and we’ll be there.

We’re proud to stand with our industry peers and support the AHLA’s Safe Stay initiative.

Find the full list of standards on AHLA’s website here and be sure to endorse the Safe Stay initiative through this form.

Request more information about Guest Protect.