Your new, revenue-generating business center solution, Uniguest Connect+
Uniguest Connect+

Powered by Secured Advantage 10, a Uniguest Connect+ pay-per-use public space computer is the most secure, flexible, and feature-rich solution ever to be deployed.



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Hotels, casinos, and retail markets in major metro areas

If you own or manage large properties like these in prime locations with business and international travelers, a pay-per-use or hybrid business center/public use could contribute a substantial revenue stream to your balance sheet.

Meet Uniguest Connect+, your new, fully managed and supported pay-per-use business center/public-use solution. It is a paid, session-based service that provides a safe and intuitive computing environment for its users as they work with office productivity software, surf the web, connect to social media, scan, and print documents.

This moneymaker is the right choice for just the right property. Download Uniguest’s pay-per-use best practices to find out if your property could sustain this solution.


Secure internet surfing


Office productivity software


Scanning and faxing

Desktop and cloud printing

At no cost to our customers, Uniguest Connect+ drives guest satisfaction and defends against cyber threats

A few of our Connect+ clients:

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Uniguest Connect+ is powered by the all-new Secured Advantage 10 platform

Like our complimentary or free access public-use solution Uniguest Connect, which has been the gold standard of cybersecurity across the hospitality industry for more than a decade, Uniguest Connect+ is powered by Secured Advantage 10, our exclusive and all-new software platform. A few of its best-in-class enhancements include:

  • PCI compliance
  • Bill-to-room or secured credit card entry (no card reader)
  • PMS integrations available
  • User acceptance of terms grants access to the kiosk and limits the customer’s liability
  • More cybersecurity measures to protect user privacy, computers, and printers
  • Progressive content filtering constantly evolves to intercept the proliferation of inappropriate websites and images
  • Configuration options: pay-per-use or hybrid (some free services/some paid services)
  • Multiple browser options to minimize website incompatibility

Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS

Uniguest Connect+ is compatible with the Windows 10 and Mac OS. It is available from Uniguest pre-installed on a new Lenovo all-in-one PC or an Apple iMac. We also offer a variety of black and white, color, and multifunction printers to complete your solution.

Uniguest will ship everything you need to get started. Just set it up and schedule your activation appointment, or if you prefer, we can arrange on-site installation and activation.

If you have a Windows 10 PC or iMac that meets our minimum system requirements*, we can convert it to a Uniguest Connect+ business center solution powered by Secured Advantage 10.

Windows-based computers: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) | At least 4GB of RAM | Dual Core i3/AMD processor (or better) | Solid state drive (SSD) with at least 40GB of free space
Apple iMac: Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) | At least 4GB of RAM | Was purchased in 2011 or later | At least 20GB of free hard drive space

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24/7 Technical Support

Our in-house technical support team, the UCrew, is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat to assist customers — and their guests and visitors — from our global support center in Nashville, TN.

The UCrew maintains best-in-class technical support as measured by abandoned call rates, call wait times, device uptime, and service level agreements.

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