Meeting Room Signage

Digital Signage for Hotels & Hospitality

Designed to drive engaging communication across the entire property by connecting content, integrating existing applications and simplifying content development, scheduling and management.

Captivating digital communication.

Uniguest hotel digital signage is both as powerful and as simple as you need it to be.

Drive templated content to a single endpoint or scale seamlessly across an entire enterprise with 1,000s of players and multiple concurrent users.

Communicate key messaging

Integrate with real-time feeds to display weather, local attractions, flight and shuttle schedules, and other convenient information that improves operations.

Promote your property

Control localized promotional communication to drive adoption and utilization of on-site amenities, loyalty programs, add-on services, and more.

Engage your audience

Strengthen the connection with guests and staff through video, digital art, personalized entertainment, interactivity, live TV, and targeted content.

Digital signage connected by a powerful CMS

What good is a hotel digital signage system if it doesn’t fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operations? With Uniguest, enjoy simple customization, scheduling, monitoring, and deployment of content across all digital signage displays.

Share high-impact content experiences that drive guest loyalty and revenue, and strengthen connections with your staff.

Our Content Management System ensures there is a solution matched to your needs — from a single admin to a 24/7 enterprise network.


Content Creation & Managed Services

We hear you — content takes time, resources and effort your team might not have. That’s why our team of professional designers is here to help. We’ll set up a framework and layouts you can work within or build custom content to meet your brand guidelines. Or a little of both — you choose!

Scope & Discovery

As a Uniguest partner, you’ll meet with our professional services team to outline your digital signage design needs and objectives in a comprehensive project plan.


Collaboration & Design

Our team works collaboratively with yours to incorporate feedback and design new templates and content as needed to help you achieve your communication goals.

Deployment & Evaluation

We create branded templates or completely custom designs that your team can simply maintain with easy-to-update content zones.

Signage solutions to connect your entire property.

Choose a single signage option or implement a combination of digital communication solutions. Either are flexible enough to evolve with your hotel.


Topic Boards

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Digital Concierge

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Shuttle Tracker

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Menu Boards

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IPTV Video Walls

Video Walls

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signage options
signage options

Topic Boards

Set it and forget it. Pick your combo of content, we’ll do the rest.


Travel Boards

Provide guests with real time flight tracking, weather and traffic conditions to make their journey and travel experience flawless.

Local Boards

Display local attractions, event listings, weather and more to help guests become fully immersed with the local community.

Score Boards

Keep your guests up to date and informed of the latest sports scores, upcoming sporting events, and sports related news feeds.

Health Boards

Keep your health conscious guests aware of the latest health news and display pertinent warnings.

Custom Topic Boards

Combine one or more content widgets to design your own personalized informational sign.. Don’t see something you want to display? Simply share your vision with our team and we’ll bring it to life.

Digital Concierge

An all-in-one interactive digital signage platform that provides guests with local events, accommodations, and information on-demand.


Welcoming and property-branded user interface

Hosted on easy-to-use large format touch-screen devices with information such as attractions, entertainment, nightlife, shopping and more all tailored to your hotel’s location and branded to your property.

Comprehensive Venue Summary

Guests tap to explore an overview of attractions, nightlife and more–including cost, ratings, similar venues, phone number, hours of operation, and location accompanied by a interactive map.

Point-of-interest Subcategories

Points-of-interest in the location community or city are neatly categorized so guests quickly find where to venture, including proximity, price range and peer ratings to help narrow results.


Touchscreen digital wayfinding conveniently guides hotel guests to the right location. Every time.


Help Guests Navigate

Help guests navigate to on-site amenities, restaurants or businesses.

Show Instructions

Show navigation instructions to on-property meetings, conferences of events.

Integrated Apps

Use integrate apps like local news, weather, and flight information.

Dynamic Content

Feature dynamic content like videos and interactive graphics.

Shuttle Tracker

Uniguest’s Digital Signage integrates with TransLoc to display real-time tracking of your shuttle service including current location, expected arrivals, and journey times.

Shuttle Tracker Map

The shuttle tracker map gives guests a real-time view of the current shuttle locations.

Live Wait Times

Display live information including shuttle arrival and departure times, driving time, and wait times for Uber and Lyft.

Local Weather Forecast

The Shuttle Tracker gives your guests a 5-hour view of the local weather conditions.


Video Walls

Go big so your guests don’t want to go home!

Uniguest makes it possible to implement the Video Wall of your dreams.

Create a completely unique, memorable experience that will set you apart from the rest and keep guests coming back for more.

Whether you want to create the ultimate information hub, an Instagram-worthy lobby installation or have even bigger dreams; we’ll make it happen!

No project is too big for us to implement or create.


Enclosures & Frames

We offer a wide variety of enclosures and displays to create the perfect combination for any installation. Whether it’s a discreet screen at the elevators or an entrancing full wall installation, we have the right hardware implement your vision.

Use our Frame Design Tool now to create your frame.

Zero Bezel Displays

Multiple zero bezel screens create stunning video wall installations.

Touchscreen Displays
Designed for interactive applications ranging from 10 to 95 inches
Stretch Displays

Provide an extended width to fit naturally within landscape or vertical orientation

4K Displays

Deliver ultra high definition displays for maximum visual impact

Uniguest’s technology has enabled Club Quarters to engage with our employees in a seamless, professional and fun way.

Club Quarters

Reliable hardware means a consistent experience with limited interruptions.

Improve operational efficiency with high performing media players, commercial grade displays, and an enclosure to fit the vibe of every space.

Hotel IPTV
Hotel IPTV & Digital Signage

Media Players and System-On-Chip

Our solid-state media players are powered by Intel to offer feature-rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. The Uniguest content management system also supports system-on-chip (SOC), allowing you to deploy digital signage without an external media player–simplifying implementation and reducing costs.

Hotel Signage

Organize different media types (video, RSS, HTML, IPTV) into multiple layers and zones to create a bespoke screen design.

Hotel Digital Media Player

Media players deliver full HD video playback or 4K content depending on the model

Technically advanced 24/7/365 support.

You’re always in expert hands with Uniguest’s in-house technical support team, the UCrew. Our team is available by phone, email and live chat 24/7, 365 to deliver our customers and their customers second-to-none technical support.

Request more information about our suite of digital signage.

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