Easytrans 2000 - Control your copiers from the POS and recapture lost revenue
Easytrans 2000

Easytrans 2000 is a hardware and cloud-based solution that maximizes a center’s revenue from its copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs). It controls a customer’s access to these devices, and it replaces manual reporting with accurate tracking of copies and charges in real-time.



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How it works

A customer requests the use of a copier or MFP from an associate, who then enables the device from a Web page on the POS system. When a customer returns to the counter with their copies, the associate disables the device (from the POS), views the activity and total charges on-screen, and applies any discount before entering the final charge into the POS system. In addition to the POS system, associates can use Easytrans 2000 from back office systems, tablets, and smartphones.

Why it makes sense

Centers can easily increase the revenue from their copiers/MFPs by accurately tracking and reporting charges for all copies — by black & white, color, size, and format. Plus, store associates will have more time to focus on tasks that drive customer satisfaction instead of contesting charges and troubleshooting.


Reduced operating expenses, low cost of ownership, and minimal maintenance

Face-to-face interactions between sales associates and customers are opportunities to make suggestions and upsell services

Technical support is available to your staff and customers 24/7/365 by phone, email, and live chat


From desktops and mobile devices, enable and disable every copy session, track and see usage charges accumulating in real-time

Accurate counting and calculation of charges for black & white and color copies, single-sided and duplex copies, faxes and scans

Control up to four copiers/MFPs from one POS workstation

Powered by the all-new
Secured Advantage 10 platform.

Easytrans 2000 is now powered by our exclusive and all-new, next-generation software platform, Secured Advantage 10. It is built from the ground up to protect the most innocent guest users while defending against the most malicious users and cyber threats.

  • Everything about Secured Advantage 10 is new and better. Better cybersecurity, a better brand experience, and better tech support. A few of its best-in-class enhancements include:
  • More cybersecurity measures to protect user privacy, computers, and printers
  • Session-based refresh deletes all locally-stored files upon logout or a preset duration of inactivity, then restores the computer to its fixed configuration state
  • Real-time device monitoring and proactive alerts enable Uniguest to rapidly identify and address potential issues before they become problems

24/7 Technical Support

Our in-house technical support team, the UCrew, is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat to assist customers — and their guests and visitors — from our global support center in Nashville, TN.

The UCrew maintains best-in-class technical support as measured by abandoned call rates, call wait times, device uptime, and service level agreements.

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