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Financial Services customers rely more and more on self-service options and digital touch points. We provide customer-facing technology to streamline processes, such as loan applications, while providing guests with the most up-to-date information on interest rates, stock market summaries, and special offers or promotions.

Digital Signage in Financial Services

CASE STUDY: Avanta: Communicating to an Audience that Changes Every Day


Avanta provide a range of services, from serviced offices to virtual offices to ad-hoc meeting rooms. They offer these services in prime Avanta provides a range of services, from serviced offices to virtual offices to ad-hoc meeting rooms. It offers these services in prime locations around the U.K. and in India. Customers can book rooms either by the hour, weekly, monthly or yearly. The customers may be large corporate firms who need to have extra space or small one-man bands looking to hold professional meetings for a morning


Avanta was looking for a consistent corporate look and feel throughout its offices. However, Avanta also needed to find a way to adapt its foyer environments for ad-hoc customers as and when required. There was also a need to supply information relevant to the businesses visiting the offices


The Avanta team decided that a digital signage solution would achieve all of the above priorities. ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) were chosen as the digital signage solution due to the flexible scaling options and the layout designs available. To reach such a large audience base, the screen layout flexibility and scheduling were of high importance. The ONELAN NTB screen can be divided up into different zones, which allows for different media formats such as live TV feeds, RSS feeds, animations, still images, and audio. This allowed for flexibility within the Avanta layout to brand the screen appropriately for the visiting customer at that time.


A screen and NTB have been placed in the foyers of each of the office buildings, attracting the attention not only of Avanta’s customers, but also of visitors from other organisations visiting the offices. The screens show live satellite feeds, the latest traffic information, welcome messages, and directions to meeting rooms, providing an informative and worthwhile display that can be appreciated by any visitor.


The ONELAN Digital Signage solution has been of great benefit to all concerned and Avanta has received positive comments from customers and visitors.

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