Hyatt Digital Hotel Guest Directory Terms

Last Updated: November 1, 2021

U.S. Hospitality Publishers DBA Uniguest located at 2926 Kraft Drive, Nashville, TN 37206, hereinafter referred to as “Uniguest”, is providing written notice of your service level expectations with your Digital Compendium Platform hereinafter referred to as QR Code Platform.

Uniguest is continually focused on the stable operation and reliability of our QR Code platform as well as the server systems involved in general. All server services are monitored by us automatically, so that our technicians become aware of any issues in order to be able to eliminate errors fast. For individual, non-global disruptions within a customer account, which are reported to us by the customer, we of course also ensure the fastest possible problem solving.

Uniguest is authorized to maintain one or more accounts (each an “Account”) for the benefit of Hyatt. Under each such Customer Account, Uniguest is authorized to designate a set number of user accounts that will have access to the QR Code Platform Accounts and User Accounts will be governed by the terms of this Agreement, including the Terms of Service.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes information about: Warranty provided by the Uniguest

  1. Warranty
  2. Guaranteed uptime
  3. Scheduled downtime
  4. Data Backup
  5. Support


1. Warranty

The Uniguest warrants the provision of all services on the QR Code Platform in accordance with this Agreement. No liability is assumed for any errors that are based on:

  • force majeure
  • Interventions by third parties
  • Interventions of the customer
  • Modifications to the provided templates by the customer
  • Issues on the networks of broadcasting operators


2. Guaranteed Uptime

Uniguest ensures that the services will be available 98% of the time on an annual average. Excluded from this guarantee are service defects for which Uniguest is not responsible.


3. Scheduled Downtime

Sometimes we need to perform maintenance to keep our platform working smoothly. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we’ll give you at least 48 hours advance notice. In a year, scheduled downtime won’t exceed 8 hours.


4. Data Backup

The Uniguest will create daily backups of all databases for a retention period of up to five calendar days for the free recovery of customer data in case of data loss caused by the Uniguest.


5. Support

Uniguest shall provide the Annual Maintenance and Support for Uniguest QR Code platform in accordance with the following service levels:


  1. Uniguest will supply Tier 1 through 3 services for Uniguest QR Code platform in accordance with standard support Tiering.
  2. Uniguest will provide service and support of the Uniguest QR Code platform, interfaces and proprietary Uniguest systems or solutions. Uniguest will provide basic support or may operate as an intermediary on behalf of customer for issues not related to Uniguest solutions, such as Internet Services.
  3. For each service call, the End User shall notify Uniguest via a Uniguest-provided toll-free number, chat, or email in English only of any malfunction or loss of service for the Uniguest Software.
  4. Uniguest shall have technicians available 24/7/365. In the event of high call volume, Uniguest guarantees a 24-hour maximum response time.
  5. At time of each service call, End User shall have a designated staff member who will be onsite at the location of the Uniguest QR Code platform to remotely troubleshoot the Uniguest Software with a Uniguest technician over the phone.
  6. In the event that ISP service is the cause of any service issue, Uniguest will assist, via telephone or other means, at Uniguest’s discretion, End User in working with the ISP to resolve the problem.
  7. Uniguest will use commercially reasonable efforts to investigate problems reported by End User. If Uniguest determines that the problem is the result of a reproducible error, defect, or malfunction in the Uniguest QR Code platform, Uniguest will make reasonable efforts to correct the problem. A Uniguest representative will provide End User with a correction, a report/determination that further research is required, or confirmation that the system works per design specifications.
  8. If a reproducible error is not correctable, then a correction for the error will be incorporated in the next release or update of the Uniguest QR Code platform, if practical.