Interactive Hotel TV

Guest Room Entertainment is an agile Hotel TV platform that offers a personalized hotel experience to guests in-room and the flexibility for hoteliers to broadcast content via IPTV to multiple screens across the property.
Interactive Hotel IPTV

A tailored hotel room TV experience for every guest.

Guest Room Entertainment hotel IPTV meets the needs of today’s progressive traveler by offering the same control they enjoy at home with the added benefits of extensive personalization and relevant property promotions.

Bespoke Hotel IPTV
Deliver content to multiple channels and signage
Access to live TV and electronic program guide (EPG)
Property management system (PMS) integration
IPTV & Chromecast
Access to personal streaming via Chromecast or hotel Smart TV
Interactive Hospitality IPTV
Customizable branded interface and guest portal
IPTV with Smart TV, STB, and Media Player support
Smart TV, STB, and Media Player support
Monetize Hotel TV
Revenue-generating content, packages, and promotions


72% of guests are more likely to return to a property when the technology they want is available.

Hospitality Technology’s 2019 Customer Engagement Technology Study

Interactive hotel TV delivered to the guest room and beyond.

Guest Room Entertainment utilizes IP Television (IPTV) to securely deliver content from multiple sources to any supported set-top box or Smart TV in-room or across the property.

The interactive hospitality IPTV portal enables true interactivity between guest and hotel through information pages, messaging and service ordering.

Hotel IPTV

Personalized Guest Information Pages

Create and manage personalized guest information pages that welcome them when they arrive and assist them during their stay.

IPTV for Hotel Guests

Promote services, facilities, and up-sells to guests right from their in-room TV

Hotel Info over IPTV

Provide live weather, travel, and airline flight data to the in-room TV and screens across the property

Local News IP Televsion

Distribute both local and national news via interactive hotel TV portal


Organized TV Channel Service Groups

Deliver custom channel packages to guests’ rooms with organized service groups.

Charge for premium offerings or on-demand channel packages

Configure languages based on the guest’s preferred language

Hotel IP Television

Organized TV Channel Service Groups

Deliver custom channel packages to guests’ rooms with organized service groups.

Charge for premium offerings or on-demand channel packages

Configure languages based on the guest’s preferred language


User-Friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Brand and customize the hotel TV electronic program guide (EPG) to a property’s preference or guidelines.

Combine multiple sources—free to air, satellite, and subscription based TV channels—into one EPG



83% of guests would choose a hotel that offers easy access to local live and on-demand television and music.

HTNG, Hospitality Guest Room Entertainment Research, 2020

Flexible Content Delivery

Deliver guest entertainment directly to hotel rooms via set top boxes or Smart TVs*.

The Guest Room Entertainment IPTV platform is operable with:


H-Browser on Samsung


LG and Philips Smart TVs


Tripleplay PLAY3R-P1 set top box (STB)

*Speak with your Uniguest Account Manager for television compatibility specifications

Hospitality IPTV

Entertainment, media, and movies at your guest’s command.

Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) offers added convenience by enabling guests to log into their personal streaming accounts and cast to the in-room hotel TV.

Smart TV Apps

Enable guests to access their personal streaming and content accounts through the interactive hotel TV system.

Integrate the interactive IPTV portal with a Smart TV’s native applications

Contact-free operating using virtual remote on mobile device

Property Management System (PMS) integrations produce personalized experiences.

Integrate with a wide variety of Property Management Systems to personalize in-room hotel TV experience while reducing duplicate data entry and administrative burden on hoteliers.

Hotel Room IPTV

Update a menu of available spa amenities in real-time.

Hotel Room IP Television

Synchronize the reservation platform to book more tables.

Upload once. Deploy everywhere.

Uniguest’s Guest Room Entertainment is powered by an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) so properties can create, manage, and customize their in-room entertainment offerings in real-time.

Repurpose content for the guest room across any connected device in common areas like elevators, gyms, and lobbiesGuests enjoy a more individualized experience, convenience and greater access to entertainment.

IPTV for Hotels
Bespoke Hotel TV
Hotel Room TV
There is such a minimal configuration that’s required and so it’s easy to set up the security with Guest Room Entertainment within the rooms, I mean that’s a huge thing for us, to make sure that you know your next-door neighbor in the room next to you is not watching your content.
Paul Kelley

Owner & Developer, Signature Lux

A single option for simple innovation.

Interactive Hotel TV and Guest Room Entertainment (GRE) is your hotel’s single-source provider for synchronizing content across any screen on your property.

GRE Complete

For the interactive guest experience


Branded Interface


Electronic Program Guide (EPG)


TV Channel Service Groups


Interactive Guest Portal


IPTV Portal


Bring Your Own Content (BYOC)


PMS Integration

24/7 Technical Support

You’re always in expert hands with Uniguest’s in-house technical support team, the UCrew. Our team is available by phone, email and live chat 24/7, 365 to deliver our customers and their customers second-to-none technical support.

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