Kudos – Jonathan

I had to call the help line for assistance with our hotel’s lobby computer today. I am a disgrace to the world of technology and it’s usually pretty frustrating for me. That being said, Johnathan Sloan is the best dude I have talked to in a long time. Not only did he help me fix the problem, but he was so professional, knowledgeable, and funny (he also sounded a bit like Jimmy Stewart which was amazing for me (who doesn’t love Rear Window/It’s a Wonderful Life?)).

I really hope management actually reads this and passes it on to give the proper kudos AND RAISES to their employees that work so hard. I know when you work customer service, it is really hard to impress people since they already are working through an issue; and, being in a similar position, I know how rare praise can be even when it is deserved much more frequently.

So, Johnathan Sloan, THANK YOU! Thank you for making my day and thank you for teaching me enough that I can fix the problem if it happens again instead of just being apathetic. I hope your job appreciates you because I sure do!

I hope you have a wonderful life, Lucky Charms!

– Jill