Kudos – Catina

On August 3rd, we changed our Wi-Fi provider and switched to a different monitoring company. The computer in the business center which is monitored by Uniguest decided to go haywire and no one was able to connect to the internet on it. I spoke with a technician named Catina, whom I had never had the pleasure of speaking to.

Within 20 minutes this awesome young lady not only had the computer back online but the printer was working correctly also. Catina was very patient and answered all my questions. It was a pleasure having her help me and not lose her patience with me.

It was not a tedious task to get this done because she walked me through every step, and I am personally not a computer literate person at all. I am a pencil and paper girl. She is a credit to Uniguest, and I certainly hope that everyone there thinks so as well. I did not want this young lady to go unappreciated. I have five people checking in today who all needed our business center so she really did “save the day” for me.

– Sharon
Sales Manager
Comfort Suites