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Kudos – Easystation 2

The Uniguest Computer Time Rental is my 4th Employee… No Joke! (just think – it doesn’t complain – shows up on time – doesn’t need lunch – never gets tired…)

The UPS Store
Broadlands, VA

Kudos – Scott #3

My name is Justin and I’m the operations supervisor at our hotel and we have been having issues with our printer business center for our guests. The last time I was assigned to Scott in Tier 1. Scott has demonstrated on multiple occasions a total command of the material he is working with. He was able to fix everything. Outstanding and speedy support.


– Scott

Kudos – SpringHill

Just wanted to say thanks for the help this morning getting our computers and printer to work the way we wanted them to!I appreciated your attitude and response time on the matter getting it resolved quickly. Thanks again for the help.

– Jon
Front Desk Agent
SpringHill Suites

Kudos – TownePlace

Thank you so much for all the help you gave! I appreciate you taking the time and calling for reinforcement! It means a lot not only to me, but to our hotel guests as well, that they have a working printer they can print from right next to them.

Once again, thank you for the support you gave us today! You are truly one of a kind and I hope if I have to call Uniguest again, I get the pleasure of speaking with you.

 Thank you

– Melissa
Front Desk Agent
TownePlace Suites

Kudos – John Nix

I wanted to make sure that John Nix is recognized for his excellent service tonight! He had fantastic customer service skills, and knows how to talk to his customers even when they are not knowledgeable about computer scripts or if they have technical knowledge.

I am hoping we don’t need to have regular calls, after all I like our business center functioning just fine. In the event that we need to call though, I am much more confident in making that call knowing that you have service staff like John on duty.

Thanks again for all the work you do for our guests!

– Lukas
Hilton Honors Champion-Guest Experience Lead
Hilton Garden Inn

Kudos – Catina

On August 3rd, we changed our Wi-Fi provider and switched to a different monitoring company. The computer in the business center which is monitored by Uniguest decided to go haywire and no one was able to connect to the internet on it. I spoke with a technician named Catina, whom I had never had the pleasure of speaking to.

Within 20 minutes this awesome young lady not only had the computer back online but the printer was working correctly also. Catina was very patient and answered all my questions. It was a pleasure having her help me and not lose her patience with me.

It was not a tedious task to get this done because she walked me through every step, and I am personally not a computer literate person at all. I am a pencil and paper girl. She is a credit to Uniguest, and I certainly hope that everyone there thinks so as well. I did not want this young lady to go unappreciated. I have five people checking in today who all needed our business center so she really did “save the day” for me.

– Sharon
Sales Manager
Comfort Suites

Kudos – Oliver and Scott

Please let me take the time and say thank you. We had a problem with our hotel internet in our business center and called in for some help. I am extremely grateful for two of your service representatives who not only walked me through every step of the diagnostic, but also were patient enough with me to take care of the guest here at our property all while on the phone. Oliver created my ticket and was who I spoke with first. Scott was who I followed up with who got us back on the right track. Thank you UNIGUEST for the wonderful customer service!

– Oliver and Scott

Kudos – Homewood Suites

I work at the Homewood Suites in Bloomington, IN and I want to drop a quick note to whomever would be most appropriate to let them know that BJ in your tech support dept. is amazing. He’s patient, articulate, and good at his job. Give him a raise, or a promotion, or better yet, BOTH!

– Homewood Suites

Kudos – Troy

I just want to give a big shout out to Troy who was AWESOME! Thank you, Troy, for getting our business center computers working again.

– James
Guest Service Manager
Springhill Suites by Marriott

Kudos – Austin

Just wanted to let you know that some of the issues we discovered were from our new Wi-Fi company, who we specifically asked how the changeover would affect the business computer and was told, “no problems would occur.” I did speak to a young man named Austin two days ago, and he was awesome.

You do have wonderful techs and I just think it is important for a company to sometimes know this. I am certain that just as in the hotel business you get to hear all the negative reviews and opinions and very rarely any good. Please have a great day and if there is anything I may ever do to help you, do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank You,

– Bruce

Kudos – Devon

Devon from tech was able to help us out. He was able to get it straightened out in a few hours and it was completed yesterday. I would just like for him to be recognized.

– Nathan
IT Specialist

Kudos – Scott #2

Uniguest did a fantastic job providing our property support in getting our guest printer back up and running. Very patient and efficient when trouble shooting.

Thank you again.

– Scott

Kudos – Patrick #2

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to have Patrick assist me with the computer issue we had at the hotel. He was very patient with me, as I have no experience with IT. He was very clear with the directions he was giving me, on what to click on and where it was located. He never lost his cool and at the end when everything was up and running, he still wanted to test to make sure it was really working.

Thank you!

– Patrick

Kudos – David

Just a quick note to express my thanks and appreciation for David. David helped me work through a serious problem with accessing my Comcast (XFINITY) email via a web browser. David was relentless in trying to address this problem.

I really appreciate David’s patience and relentlessness. He turned what could have been a “disastrous” evening into a pleasant one. Now I can get plenty of sleep versus worrying about an important file that I needed for a series of meetings tomorrow.

David should be recognized and rewarded via whatever means are at the company’s disposal for providing excellent customer service!

Thank you, David!

– Richard


Kudos – Scott

My apologies for the delay but I wanted to reach out to tell you that the agent I worked with, Scott, was fantastic. He was very personable and was willing to make sure that we had the issue fully resolved before hanging up.

– Derick

Kudos – Jonathan #2

I am writing to you to give my heartfelt commendation to your employee Jonathan for the most professional and courteous service he provided me on Jan 12, 2017 when I called your offices on that day for a particular charge to my account.

Receiving services like his can make someone’s day. I was more than pleased.

Thank you, Jonathan!

– Margarita

Kudos – Hampton Inn

I am the General Manager at a Hampton Inn. I will like to say thanks to BJ! He resolved the issue, he empathized with me and my frustration, and took care of the problem. Please give him a pat on the back and tell him thank you for a job well done!

– John

Hampton Inn

Kudos – Greg

I want to say thank for connecting me with Greg Thompson. He has been the most pleasant and helpful tech that I have encountered. Please do give him a shout out with your team.

Thank you,

– Zeena

Kudos – Patrick

I want to start of by saying that your technician, Patrick, is incredible at what he does! He was a pleasant person to speak with. I expressed my frustration, and he graciously listened to my concerns and continued to explain to me what he could do and what needed to be done.

Instead of having me stay on hold any longer than I already was, he told me he would call me back once everything was complete. He kept his word and called me back once the problem was resolved!

Patrick is definitely, by far, what customer service is all about! He is absolutely management material!

Kudos – Brandon

I received exemplary service from Brandon and just wanted to let his managers know!

Both of our computers in our business center were acting up and guests were getting angry that they weren’t working. I called the 1-800 number and got Brandon. He was so helpful from explaining in detail how to get where I needed to be to being patient when I couldn’t figure it out as quickly.

He was also so friendly and enjoyable to talk to when the computers were loading and updating.

The time spent on the phone did not feel like a huge waste of time. I wanted to thank him for his courteousness and the way he handled the situation with me. You have an excellent staff member on your team! Thanks for all your help!

Kudos – Jonathan

I had to call the help line for assistance with our hotel’s lobby computer today. I am a disgrace to the world of technology and it’s usually pretty frustrating for me. That being said, Johnathan Sloan is the best dude I have talked to in a long time. Not only did he help me fix the problem, but he was so professional, knowledgeable, and funny (he also sounded a bit like Jimmy Stewart which was amazing for me (who doesn’t love Rear Window/It’s a Wonderful Life?)).

I really hope management actually reads this and passes it on to give the proper kudos AND RAISES to their employees that work so hard. I know when you work customer service, it is really hard to impress people since they already are working through an issue; and, being in a similar position, I know how rare praise can be even when it is deserved much more frequently.

So, Johnathan Sloan, THANK YOU! Thank you for making my day and thank you for teaching me enough that I can fix the problem if it happens again instead of just being apathetic. I hope your job appreciates you because I sure do!

I hope you have a wonderful life, Lucky Charms!

– Jill

Kudos – Thomas and Gordon

I received a call from John, a chief engineer. John said that they had a problem with their business center PCs. When he called yesterday, Thomas Nicholson and Gordon Ryan took ownership of the problem and made sure it was completely resolved. Mr. Crouch said he was very impressed with their desire to make sure his problem was handled completely.

Thank you both for making our vision of the Perfect Customer Experience a reality for this property. Keep doing that!

– Thomas