Leading Tech Services Provider Projects 20% Growth Year Over Year

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – July 31, 2017 — Uniguest, a leading technology services provider, continues to see growth unparalleled to industry standards. In June 2017, Uniguest unveiled its latest and greatest business center kiosk platform, Secured Advantage 10, which allows for free and paid options as well as upgraded security features.

Throughout the past year, Uniguest grew its secure kiosk fleet from 15,000 to more than 26,000 devices, expanding its reach into 68 countries. There were more than 85 million protected user sessions in 2016 alone. In addition to the secure kiosk and digital signage offerings, Uniguest recently released the rest of its new line of tech solutions, including a tablet offering, remote printing, a fitness kiosk, and a print station.

“Last year, we served up more than one billion website views on our systems, keeping travelers connected whether it be for business or leisure,” CEO Jeff Hiscox said. “Uniguest has expanded its product portfolio significantly while continuing to focus on evolving our core product, the business center kiosk.”

Historically, Uniguest has primarily provided technology and print services to the hospitality industry, but continues to expand its footprint into vertical markets such as community living and retail business industries. With the help of acquisitions, Uniguest impressively grew its revenue in 2016 and is on pace to see continued organic growth of 20 percent in 2017.

Maintaining a 98 percent customer retention rate, its portfolio comprises about 30 brands and 170 sub-brands, independent brands, and management companies. The company has secured brand mandates or been named an approved vendor with 10 major brands and more than 40 sub-brands and management companies.

Uniguest boasts a 24/7/365 operations center of nearly 100 team members. Each support employee undergoes a two-week training period and is then paired with an experienced support tech to ensure they are well-versed on all Uniguest solutions. Uniguest offers an ongoing training program and various certification courses.

“With the release of Secured Advantage 10 underway, Uniguest continues to focus its efforts on expanding our solution features and capabilities while also delivering simplicity to our customers,” COO Matt Goche said. “We are excited that our technology continues to position customers and users all over the globe to stay connected.”



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Leading Tech Services Provider Projects 20% Growth Year Over Year