Meeting Room Signage

Military Digital Signage

Designed to drive engaging communication across the entire property by connecting content, integrating existing applications and simplifying content development, scheduling and management.

Communication is mission critical.

Uniguest’s military digital signage keeps communication lines open and provides critical information for your military community. Drive templated content to a single endpoint or scale seamlessly across an entire enterprise with 1,000s of players and multiple concurrent users.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers, soldier support centers, and officers’ clubs can range in size from a single building to complex campuses that cover large amounts of real estate. Finding the correct location for an appointment, meeting, or event can be challenging. Additionally, many VA medical centers are under constant renovation and improvement projects, which can affect navigation. Interactive wayfinding maps provide current soldiers and veterans with a clear path to their destinations.

Emergency Messaging

Safety and security is key in government buildings and military bases. Protect your employees and visitors with an emergency messaging system that provides peace-of-mind to you and those you seek to protect. Uniguest’s Janus Digital Signage lets you integrate digital signage into your facilities, and use pre-programmed messages, alerts, and evacuation maps to broadcast safety procedures or other life-saving information.

DOD and Army CoNs and AFNET Certified

Uniguest’s Janus Digital Signage has earned the Army and Department of Defense Certificate of Networthiness. The Networthiness Certification Program manages the specific risks and impacts associated with the fielding of Information Systems (ISs) and supporting efforts, requires formal certification throughout the life cycle of all ISs that use the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, and sustains the health of the Army Enterprise Infrastructure. Our digital signage is also approved for use on the AFNet (the Air Force Network).

GSA & AFNAF Certification

As a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and AFNAF-Certified Industry Partner, all eligible agencies and organizations can purchase our digital signage solutions. The full Janus Digital Signage Suite is available on GSA Contract No. GS-03-F116DA and through AFNAF: F41999-07-D-6072.

We also have partners we work with on NETCENTS II, CHESS IT, HUBZONE, and other contract vehicles.

When we were looking to upgrade our multi-media footprint, my sales rep provided insight and workable options that greatly aided in our decision-making. Once purchased, our JANUS Sales Rep continued to follow up with us and ensured our staff members were trained and our systems were functioning properly. I have, and will continue to recommend the JANUS Display Team-they work for us!

E. Sam Parker

Director of Marketing, Air Mobility Command

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