JANUS & Uniguest Digital Signage

Digital Signage Monitoring

Remote, cloud-based monitoring of your digital signage system. Uniguest’s Janus Monitoring assists in maximizing uptime and responsiveness for your digital signage system by detecting connectivity, hardware, and software issues.


Maximize the uptime of your Digital Signage network


  • Checks your software, hardware and connectivity
  • Maximizes the responsiveness of your system
  • Updates plug-in and applications as needed
  • Troubleshoots and patches potential issues
  • Recovers content in the event of a system outage
  • Send periodic health reports to your inbox
  • Notifies our technical team if and when you need additional assistance

Ongoing Assistance

This all-inclusive monitoring program acts like an onsite support team – always there to maintain, troubleshoot, recover, and support your digital signage system.

Access Anywhere

The Janus solution lets you monitor digital signage from any device or location. It supports your entire solution, helping you view and manage systems across multiple floors, buildings and locations.

Automatic Recovery

Janus monitoring self-runs, self-corrects, and self-reports on system health. In the event of an outage, the tool works behind the scenes to recover content and reboot your system.

Real-Time Alerts

Always testing for optimal system performance, Janus Monitoring sends periodic health reports directly to your inbox. If and when technical issues arise, your team and ours will get notified instantly.

Technical Support

Our UCrew Support Team supports you throughout your digital signage journey – always here to train, maintain, troubleshoot, and expand your digital signage solutions.

Emergency Needs

Have an immediate need? We’ve got you covered. As a valued customer, you’ll always have access to our emergency technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Technically advanced 24/7/365 support.

You’re always in expert hands with Uniguest’s in-house technical support team, the UCrew. Our team is available by phone, email and live chat 24/7, 365 to deliver our customers and their customers second-to-none technical support.

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