Signature LUX Hotel Delivers a Memorable Guest Experience with IPTV Technology

Signature LUX looks to tech partner to adapt to the modern guest

Signature LUX hotel by ONOMO hotels set out to create a guest experience with consistent service and a luxurious feel at an affordable price. With 87 modern rooms, a luxury restaurant, and an express concierge service, they were well on their way.

Twenty years ago, staying in a hotel was a treat. Today, you now have more in your own home than you do in. a hotel, and that’s what we wanted to change.

Paul Kelley

Owner & Developer, Signature LUX Hotel


The Solution: A bespoke guest experience

Guest room entertainment means Signature Lux can provide guests total freedom to watch what they want when they want to watch it.


Here’s how it works:


IP Television (IPTV)

Guest Room Entertainment utilizes IPTV to securely deliver content from multiple sources to any supported set-top box or Smart TV on the property. The interactive IPTV portal can be personalized, allowing hoteliers to create a bespoke in-room entertainment experience for guests.


Chromecast & BYOC

Enable guests to access their personal streaming & content accounts through the Guest Room Entertainment system.


Property Management System (PMS) Integration

Properties can personalize in-room TV automatically by integrating guest information into the Guest Room Entertainment platform. Welcome them when they enter the room and offer bespoke channel line-ups for every guest by their room level or the language they speak.

Elevated guest experience allows Signature Lux to become a major player in the hotelier market

For many hoteliers, the word “technology” comes with concern for security and implementation issues. Guest Room Entertainment addressed all of those fears to ensure complete security of the hotel and its guests, and an impressively smooth implementation.


Guest Room Entertainment is powered by Uniguest’s powerful content management system (CMS) that can integrate with a property’s PMS to create a personalized experience for each guest. Signature Lux uses the flexible platform to personalize in-room screens to welcome guests to their suite by name and create a guest compendium through its information pages.


Another feature, something we’ve done in Cape Town, allows guests to see what the weather is like on the top of Table Mountain because we can actually cast that straight into the TV system. This gives our guests in the hotel rooms an opportunity to see what the weather is going to be like before they even go.

Paul Harris

Owner & Developer, Signature LUX Hotel


On-property marketing

Promote services, facilities, and up-sells to guests right from their room


Relevant traveler info

Provide live weather, travel, and airline flight data to the in-room TV


Real-time data feeds

Distribute both local and national news


Minimal configuration. Maximum features.

There is such a minimal configuration that’s required and so it’s easy to set up the security with Guest Room Entertainment within the rooms, I mean that’s a huge thing for us, to make sure that you know your neighbor in the room next to you is not watching your content.

Paul Harris

Owner & Developer, Signature LUX Hotel

We are now one of the first hotels in the region to offer Google Chromecast support to guests and it is great to be able to offer guests a bespoke experience throughout their stay where they can watch Netflix, view their own photo galleries, and more.

Walda Meyer

Manager, Signature LUX Hotel

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