Technology improves community wellness at Sinceri Senior Living.

Sinceri Senior Living (formerly JEA Senior Living) has been providing progressive and dignified community living experiences for seniors since the 1980s, taking pride in providing a premier service and in ensuring wellness and engagement is at the heart of their residents’ experience.

Operating over 40 communities in the United States, Sinceri works hard to ensure every community has a consistently high standard of family living and equal opportunities to one another.

Key to ensuring resident life is rewarding and enriched is to find ways to engage elders in their community, ensure they are connected to family and friends and that they feel a sense of independence and purpose in their day-to-day lives.

Sinceri has always excelled in this area and decided it was time to take another step forward by investing in key engagement technologies that would help staff, residents and family connect, even when they cannot physically be in the same space.

Kayla Wersal, VP of Programming at Sinceri explained, “We needed a way to remotely connect, to engage our communities while at the same time monitoring engagement levels so we could adjust resident plans and encourage greater involvement in activities.

“We knew of the Sagely Community App, and knew its technology was designed with resident wellness, monitoring and ease of use at its core and once we saw the solution we had no hesitation in making this investment for our communities.”

Via its app, Sagely from Touchtown allows residents and their families to better connect, enabling the sharing of daily life in the community, with real-time photograph sharing, engagement via profiles, called Resident Life Stories, and community newsletters.

Alongside the app, and managed from the same CMS, Sinceri also deployed Sagely Digital Signage throughout the community creating a single platform for resident, family and staff communication.

Kayla Wersal continued, “Having the opportunity to deliver everything from a single platform to all television displays and mobile devices is of huge advantage to our communications team, and for our program directors. Having one point of entry and distribution for messaging saves a huge amount of time and effort and allows our people to focus on what they do best; caring for our community.”

Essential analytics and insight

A key component of the Sagely Community App is its data analytics and reporting functionality, providing vital insights into the daily lives of the residents and the community.

Sagely provides Sinceri with engagement data for each resident, detailing the types of activity each resident enjoys most and, conversely, dislikes. This data allows Sinceri to build personalized resident care plans which can then be shared with families and discussed.

The app also enables the ability to highlight areas of concern, such as a reduction in activity and engagement and enable all to act quickly to offer support or alternative plans.

Aside from allowing the Sinceri team and families to monitor their community, what Sagely’s Community App also offers is independence to its users. Offering choices and options for them to take or leave as they feel comfortable.

Kayla Wersel added, “Giving seniors freedom to make a choice is of huge importance in any community; it encourages independence and creates a feeling of self-determination for our residents.

“We know through the ever-increasing numbers of residents using the Sagely app that word is out, and more and more in our communities want that control in their hands; it is hugely empowering for them.

Beyond the Community App

As impressive as the Sagely Community App was, the service provided by the team to Sinceri and its communities was of paramount importance. Wersel continued, “The support we have received has been wonderful, this has been a partnership from the start. The onboarding training we were given was excellent, thorough and complete and armed us with the knowledge we needed before we started rolling the technology out.”

Sinceri also deployed Sagely Digital Signage which has helped enable a much simpler means to mass-communicate with communities across the country, instantly changing content and enabling localized nuances to be incorporated.

Digital Signage has also proven massively helpful to marketing and communications team as they looked to deploy a rebrand from JEA Senior Living to Sinceri, providing a platform to instantly implant the new logo and brand into communities.

Missy Day, VP of marketing and communications for Sinceri explained, “When we deployed Sagely we were doing it to better engage, manage and empower our residents; and we have done that in abundance. What we also got was a hugely powerful marcomms solution that has allowed us to remove paper-based communications and really own and control the brand messaging.

“When we decided to rebrand our communities, we realised we had a fantastic tool to instantly alter our site branding nationwide and have found its functionality hugely helpful. We feel Sagely was a great choice and look forward to building our partnership with them to continue to engage our community residents, their families and our Sinceri family.”