We cover a full suite of end-to-end solutions designed to deliver confidence through customer-facing technology. Uniguest is the global leader in providing highly secure, fully managed customer-facing technology solutions on an outsourced basis to the hospitality, senior living, specialty retail, education and corporate sectors. Our suite of turnkey consumer-facing technology solutions includes hardware and software solution packages, system implementation, and 24/7/365 multi-lingual support for public space kiosks, purpose-built kiosks (PC, iMac, tablet), digital signs, tablets, remote printing and more – all designed to deliver a consistent and safe experience to our clients’ customers.


Uniguest Connect

The hospitality industry’s leading public-use technology solutions. Hoteliers across the globe choose Uniguest Connect to drive guest satisfaction and defend its technology investment against potential cyber threats.


Uniguest Connect+

If you own or manage large properties in prime locations with business and international travelers, a fully-managed, pay-per-use business center/social space could contribute a substantial revenue stream to your balance sheet.


Uniguest Connect+ Printstation

The new revenue-generating solution, which includes Uniguest Connect+ and transforms a multifunction printer into an automated self-service print station.


Boarding Pass Station

This dedicated device simplifies air travel so your guests can spend more time on your property and less time at the airport.


Uniguest Surfstation

Uniguest SurfStation is the new public-use tablet solution used to surf the web, read news, check email, and check-in to ights while relaxing in social spaces of a property — its lounges, cafés, and other private concierge areas.


Uniguest Fitness Kiosk

The Uniguest Fitness kiosk gives your customers instant access to video tutorials and timed training programs for your tness equipment. Improper usage of workout facilities is not only harmful to your guests, but can also cause damage to the equipment itself, affecting your bottom line.


Print Products

Uniguest’s full-service print capabilities are personalized to meet almost any guest-facing marketing need


Uniguest Print (mobile printing)

Uniguest’s easy-to-use cloud-based solution that adds value to strategic locations and improves guest satisfaction by enabling users to print documents from their mobile devices.

Easytrans 2000

Easytrans 2000 is a hardware and cloud-based solution that maximizes a center’s revenue from its copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs). It controls a customer’s access to these devices, and accurately tracks copies and charges in real-time.


Easytrans 4000

Easytrans 4000 is a solution that fully automates copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs) so they can be used as 24/7 self-service stations for copying, faxing, and scanning.