There’s Tech Support, and There’s the UCrew

by Kat Minton | Uniguest | January 2018

UCrew LogoGet familiar with our best-in-class technology support team

Imagine one of your many devices goes down. When you call for support, the phone is promptly answered, and you are greeted by a live person who is extremely knowledgeable about the situation. No long holds, no run around. This is the type of tech support Uniguest had in mind when we structured the UCrew, our best-in-class technology support team.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the UCrew fields questions and requests, assisting guests and customers in all facets of computer use. To make it as easy as possible to connect with a technician, the UCrew is available via phone, email, and chat messages on the Uniguest website. The team coordinates the activities and technical requirements of dependent technologies, such as networking, internet access, and manufacture warranties. Should you need to speak with your other vendors, a member of the UCrew is able to join the call so that any questions can be resolved on the front end.

In an effort to provide even better support to our customers, we are expanding our commitment to new technologies that will help us resolve issues prior to being reported. Our proactive monitoring system has been developed to notify us when computers do not appear to be working properly. With this added functionality, our team is able to begin working on the problem often before you even realize that there is one.

What You Should Know About the UCrew:
• 24/7/365 coverage based in the U.S.
• Fully redundant management tools and call center systems as well as multiple resilient locations
• Best-in-class average wait time targets of less than 60 seconds
• Best-in-class same-day resolution rate of more than 75% (compared to the 65% industry standard)
• Less than 1% of supported devices experience trouble at any given time
• Agents go through rigorous certification to provide the best possible service
• UCrew agents specialize in the technologies they work with
• Historical data is used to optimize our agent schedules and increase availability
• The best technical agents are recruited and Uniguest actively works to grow their expertise

To learn more about the UCrew and Uniguest’s suite of products, please visit us at If you need support today, visit the UCrew support page to chat or email the team, or call the UCrew at (800) 467-1218 option 2.