Uniguest announces new line of innovative tech solutions

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, June 21, 2017 — Uniguest, a global leader of secure technology and print services in the hospitality, casino, and retail office industries, releases its new platform and line of tech solutions.

Uniguest Chief Executive Officer Jeff Hiscox describes the company’s changes over the past six months as “epic,” adding that “…we really appreciate our loyal customers for bearing with us as we re-tooled everything — it was important that we not only delivered a great platform but that we upgraded our internal tools to be able to provide world-class service and support.”

Hiscox has an extensive hospitality technology background with a track record of growing revenue and achieving results. Previously, Hiscox served as President and CEO of Newmarket International (hospitality technology) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he oversaw significant company growth in both revenue and EBITDA. He successfully acquired and integrated six companies into Newmarket, creating a dynamic culture that led Newmarket to be selected as one of the best companies to work for in New Hampshire during the last five years of his tenure.

Uniguest has just released an innovative software platform to power a new fleet of secure kiosks and tablets, which includes value-add capabilities from the companies it acquired in 2015 and 2016. “Very soon,” Hiscox said, “our customers, hotel guests, and visitors at thousands of hotel lobbies, social spaces, and business centers across dozens of countries will be experiencing a new Uniguest platform.”

The company is also introducing new secure tablet solutions, fitness kiosk solutions for hotels, and other interactive solutions in 2017. One key feature of the new secure kiosk platform is the ability to configure devices as free-to-guest, pay-per-use, or as a hybrid between the two.

“We want our customers to experience greater value from Uniguest,” said Uniguest Chief Operating Officer Matt Goche. “Customers have more options with the new Secured Advantage platform, and Uniguest’s ability to proactively monitor, diagnose, and resolve issues is exponentially better.”

Goche has an extensive technology background with a track record of business growth in operational, technical, and management positions. He started his career as an Officer in the United States Air Force then worked at Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, Virginia, as a technology consultant who led large-scale engagements with the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Prior to Uniguest, Goche was vice president of global security services at Sungard Availability Services in Wayne, Pennsylvania, where he built a cybersecurity business supporting more than 600 enterprise clients.

“The company has significantly enhanced and grown its technical support capability over the past several months,” Goche added. “The investment has rapidly improved customer call resolution and customer satisfaction. Now, at our in-house operations center, we have increased service levels, lowered wait times, and most importantly, reduced time to resolution. We are facing historically low challenges in the field.”

“Uniguest is innovating and improving every day,” said Hiscox. “I expect our customers to reap the rewards of our work now and well into the future.”

About Uniguest
Uniguest, based in Nashville, is a leading global provider of innovative technology and print solutions to customer-facing industries. With a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience and improving customer satisfaction, Uniguest manages more than 26,000 secure content delivery endpoints across 68 countries and territories for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The company’s fully managed and supported solutions include secure business centers, interactive kiosks, purposed tablets, mobile printing, digital signage, and print media. For more information, visit www.uniguest.com or call 1.800.467.1218.



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Uniguest Announces New Line of Innovative Tech Solutions