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Universities and Students deserve a computing experience that not only gives them access to the tools they need to stay productive, but one that protects their user data and privacy. From secure computing and printing solutions to digital signage solutions designed to enhance the student experience, Uniguest has your student-facing technology needs covered.

Digital Signage in Education

CASE STUDY: Highbury College Chooses ONELAN for High Impact Communication


Highbury College has selected ONELAN digital signage to improve college communications across its multi-site campus. As part of Highbury College’s multi-million pound and multi-campus redevelopment program, the college sought a better way to communicate with its stakeholders in a modern and more efficient manner. Digital signage, specifically the ONELAN system, offered this solution. Highbury College wanted to display dynamic content, e.g. live student timetable information from the student management information system that would provide useful and up-to-date information for students that changed automatically. As a multi-site organization, Highbury wanted to ensure that consistent messages were published centrally to all sites. The digital signage system also needed to show RSS feeds with live content incorporating college news and events; an important service for universities.


Highbury has installed five ONELAN Net Top Boxes (NTB) 615, four NTB 610s (one running as a publisher) and one NTB 510s. All the NTBs are located in data server rooms around the college with signals distributed via Smart-e CAT5 solutions. While the NTBs are spread across three campuses in Portsmouth, they are all working off the central publisher located at its main site.



As part of its digital signage network, Highbury also has ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine (DCE), a framework of software functionality that provides connections between a wide variety of customer data sources to ONELAN’s NTBs. At Highbury, the DCE shows a live timetable of all lectures starting in the next half-hour in an “airport” style layout with room, description, time, and lecturer information. For each different area, relevant information is displayed. The system also enables the college to stream live TV to the student recreation areas and the gym. The management of this can then be devolved to various college staff, with the head of IT assured that they can only control areas of the system that they have been delegated to control. The system is so flexible that various departments in the college can access and contribute to it.

CASE STUDY: Castle View: ONELAN Helps “Build School for the Future” with Digital Signage and TV Streaming


Castle View Enterprise Academy was established in September 2009 as one of five schools in Sunderland as part of the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ project. The city of Sunderland Council (co-sponsor) and Northumbrian Water, the Academy’s lead sponsor, invested £17 million to build an academy that specialises in business, enterprise and ICT.



Castle View had a wide range of requirements from their ONELAN digital signage system including:

• A cost-effective means of delivering information to visitors, students and staff of universities

• Provision of live TV across the IP network for both broadcast material and local events within the school

• Recording to provide video on demand resources for learning

• A video on demand library

• The ability for teachers to create online learning resources

Digital signage is a critical component of the academy’s vision of being a regional leader in ICT. Its flexibility, ease of use, and dazzling displays are a new and innovative technology for this school and many of its staff and students. There was no technology quite like it in the original school prior to the rebuild.


Castle View wanted to use the digital signage to display a range of information including adverts for school clubs, results of house competitions, birthday messages, television channels during breaks and lunches, behavioral league tables, and event details. The network comprises 11 ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes: 1 NTB 610 publisher and 10 NTB 510 subscribers. One of the key aspects of the project is the installation of two OmniServers. With the OmniServers, staff not only have an ‘off-air’ recording solution but also the ability to link into the digital signage network. This provide the screens with live TV feeds for news and educational TV channels across the network infrastructure without the need to run additional RF cabling, thereby keeping additional costs to a minimum.

CASE STUDY: St Joseph’s School Brands ONELAN a Success for Universities


St Joseph’s School is a Catholic college in Swindon, England with 1,200 students and 200 staff.


The college wanted to invest in digital signage to show regular information and events for students and parents. It also wanted to reinforce the branding of the college. Several different solutions were investigated, with the ONELAN solution being selected as the most competitive and comprehensive for universities.


St Joseph’s School has a ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5500 player that publishes content to seven ONELAN NTB 650 players. These drive ten LED screens located throughout communal areas in the building, showing content relevant to the specific location. The digital signage was installed by Hugh Symons AV and is managed by the college’s IT team. Various sources are used to update text feeds, including Twitter and ONELAN’s ad-hoc capability. This enables access for different people wishing to provide input.


Overall, the new signage is tied in with the college branding, which looks much more effective than before. The college has a video wall of four LED screens, which not only looks impressive but also runs at 1080p to provide a sharp image.

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