Uniguest Makes its Debut at ISE 2023! You don’t know Uniguest? It’s about time you did

Dec 14, 2022

uniguest-debut-iseYou don’t know Uniguest? It’s about time you did.

It’s been a fantastic year for Uniguest. Once again, we’re right up there with the leaders in our industry and with Invidis recognizing us as one of the top four digital signage software providers globally in 2022 we’re finally getting ourselves noticed.  

Or at least we think we are. 

We’ve started to wonder, does everyone know who’s behind some of the world’s largest and most prestigious IPTV and Digital Signage installations? Not just in hospitality where we are well known, but in other key verticals where we’re responsible for delivering business critical solutions to our global customers.  

We figured it was time to come clean.

You may have heard of our Tripleplay or Onelan technologies; you might be familiar with Reserva, Otrum or MediaStar and perhaps UCView is known to you as well. Planet eStream is another leading brand you may have worked with.  

Then we have Touchtown, Sagely and Janus, three other star brands which complete an impressive technology stack.  

But what about the powerhouse behind those brands? Who is the supportive, nurturing parent investing considerable time and resources to develop and deliver leading-edge technology to better serve customers, our customers’ customers and their needs? 

Introducing Uniguest 

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves. Uniguest was established in 1986 when Michael and Jennifer were favorite baby names, angel hair pasta and chocolate mousse were food trends, perms and denim were all the rage and Top Gun ‘mark one’ hit our cinema screens. 

Through the last 40 years, Uniguest has been a specialist in hotel and hospitality technology, working in close partnerships with the world’s leading hotel brands, providing secure engagement technologies.  

As we’ve grown our Uniguest family with strategic acquisitions and technological innovation, we’ve extended our reach into many other markets, using our specialty for excellent customer service, 24/7/365 support and cyber security to enhance the solutions of those businesses we acquire.  

Through our CMS, we now deliver content to and serve hundreds of thousands of digital signage endpoints, public-use workstations, IPTV displays, mobile devices, laptops, and meeting room signs, delivering connected content from anywhere to anywhere for our customers and partners 

Our solutions are deployed extensively in the hospitality, casino, corporate, banking, finance, sports, stadia, arena, healthcare, government, military, senior living, retail, and education markets amongst others serving audiences including fans, students, employees, visitors, or guests.  

Impressive stuff from a company we’re not sure if you’ve heard of.  

However now we’re a bit more confident you know who we are, we’d love to tell you more and show off some of the exciting developments we’ve been working on. So, if you’re at ISE, make a note to stop by stand #5B440. 

We’re right by the entrance to Hall 5 and we’ve even designed the stand bright blue so you should find it hard to miss us. 

We’d be delighted to see you there or if you can’t make it but are interested enough to find out more, check out uniguest.com


About Uniguest

Uniguest is a global leader in providing connected technology solutions to enable those in hospitality, senior living, sports/stadiums, entertainment, retail, education, government, corporate, and enterprise to engage with their audience. Uniguest is highly focused on creating deep client relationships as evidenced by its most recent NPS score of 78. Uniguest provides turnkey technology solutions that include hardware and software solution packages, professional services, system implementation, and 24/7/365 multi-lingual support. The Uniguest family incorporates the ONELAN, Tripleplay, Touchtown, Volara, Planet eStream, UCView, Janus Displays and Otrum technology and teams. www.uniguest.com