Media Library & VOD.

Create and Manage Content from Anywhere

eStream is the perfect solution for supporting the modern media requirements of any organization. A centralized cloud-based media library provides a secure platform for delivering around-the-clock access to all digital assets.

eStream Media Library
eStream Media Management on PC

Secure connected content

eStream’s powerful content management system offers organizations unrivalled control over their videos, photos and more. In addition, the flexible, granular permission structure makes setting up appropriate user access simple, ensuring administrators, staff, students, guests, and more can only access the content they need.

Your media, your way

Create the most engaging end-user experience by customizing eStream with your organization’s branding, colours, and images. You can also create custom category structures, adjust page layouts, and promote new and popular content by showcasing them in widgets.

eStream UrBrand UI

Our enterprise video toolkit

Discover game-changing content creation tools that make eStream the ultimate video content management platform.


Video-Based Quizzes

Create compelling and interactive video-based quizzes by adding questions to recorded video content.


Interactive Videos

Easily add interactive elements to videos, such as text overlays, links, drawings and more.


Video Editor

Cut together video clips, remove adverts or unwanted sections from TV recordings, neaten up videos, or add a voiceover.


Chapters & Playlists

Instantly create clips from long-form videos or aggregate videos and chapters into easy-to-share playlists to create focussed flipped learning resources.


Web Recorder & Screen Capture

A browser-based tool for quickly recording videos using a webcam, screen capture, or both.


Auto Transcription

Take advantage of built-in transcription service options, including free options and integration with third-party providers for greater accuracy and additional language support.

Digital Signage

Slides, Notes & Comments

Comments, notes, images, and slides added to a video are locked to the specific timecode they were added, allowing users to jump straight to that section of the video quickly.

Secure Network

Single Sign On

We offer integration into third-party authentication solutions to enable single sign on (SSO) for our applications.