Shuttle Tracker
for Digital Signage.

Our Shuttle Tracker enables to you ease pressure on your front of house team by displaying live real-time tracking of your shuttle services including current location, expected arrivals, and journey times.

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Shuttle Tracker

Augment your team and keep customers informed with live shuttle tracker

Travelers are demanding more accurate information on travel options when leaving for the airport and now you can provide them with everything they need to make an informed decision on the best way to be on time. With multiple delivery options, your guests will always be informed.

Shuttle Tracker 1
Shuttle Tracker 2
Shuttle Tracker 3

The Interface

Shuttle Tracker Map

The shuttle tracking map gives a real-time view of current shuttle

Live Wait Times

Display live information including shuttle arrival and departure times,
driving time, and wait times for ride share services including Uber and Lyft.

Local Weather Forecast

The Shuttle Tracker gives your guests a 5-hour view of the local
weather conditions.

Shuttle Tracker

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