Senior Living.

Simple technology for communities that want to connect

Whether you’re looking for deeper connections with residents, improved wellness, greater engagement in activities, or a better understanding of your community we have professional technology solutions that will make it possible.

We deploy connected content everywhere it is needed, creating engaged communities. Our platform has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of seniors and trusted by thousands of communities across the globe.

Uniguest Senior Living
Senior Living Digitial Signage and IPTV

Personal experiences for every user

The individuality of the seniors we serve is one of our favorite things. No two people are the same and neither are their communication styles. Built with usability in mind, sharing information with everyone in your community is easy with our senior living technology.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage for senior living communities. Ensure information is always in the right place, at the right time with individually addressable digital signage designed with the needs of the senior living industry at its heart.

Resident TV

Community content delivered right to your residents’ television. Add a custom channel to your existing TV service line-up so you can connect with residents even when they’re home.

Secure Workstations

Community Apps

With so many audiences to serve, senior living communities need a sidekick that makes it possible to engage them all. Turn residents into neighbors, employees into partners, family into collaborators, and prospects into move-ins with our proven community engagement app.

Digital Guest Directory

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants for senior living are a no-brainer; they are frictionless, intuitive, and inclusive solutions for seniors. Community members can tap into the information available in your Uniguest system just by saying “Ask My Community”.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

Our wireless headphone system, designed for use in senior living communities, enhance seniors’ ability to hear and focus. By improving hearing ability, residents can better communicate and engage in one-on-one interactions and group activities and potentially avoid the consequences of untreated hearing loss.

Community Programs

Community Programs

Save time with Community Programs. Ready-made program calendars for senior living communities that deliver engaging resources, activities, and clear instructions to residents.

What makes us a great partner?

Content Management

How can you share and manage all your content across your Digital Signage, Community Apps, TV+ and more? The answer: Content Manager, your community engagement mission control center.


Our platform integrates with a variety of popular third party systems and products to ensure a more enriched and automated solution for your community. Whether it’s FullCount or YouTube; Alexa or WorxHub we’ve got you covered.

Content Partnerships

We understand that technology is just one part of the picture, once you have the platform you also need content! That’s why at Uniguest we have partnered with some brilliant providers such as Alive, Fit & Free, Total Brain Health, Wowzitude and Spiro100 to simplify your community engagement content planning.

Our Customer Success team is expert in senior living, they live and breathe it. To help your community get the most benefit from our technology they deliver regular tutorials, hints and tips, documentation and support materials via our TownSquare portal.
Solutions for the Whole Community

We cater to every audience. We work with community directors looking to enhance satisfaction or occupancy rates. We engage Activity Directors and Coordinators who wants to use tech to enhance experience but don’t want to spend all day updating it. Our tech is used by residents and families to stay connected and limit isolation. We’re a community platform, designed by people with a passion for senior living. 

Case Study: The Heritage at Brentwood Senior Living

The Heritage at Brentwood is a senior living community based in Brentwood, Tennessee that has served its residents for fifteen years. The community features a vibrant and timeless design that encourages its residents to have a fulfilling life with wide open spaces and plenty of opportunities for residents to meet and interact.

Some of the communities we are proud to partner with…

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Why Uniguest?

You may not know Uniguest, but you know our work. Our platform has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of seniors and trusted by thousands of communities across the globe. Our team is made up of caring, dedicated professionals who understand the needs of our customers, and our technology is a coming together of market-leading technologies and world-class people from Sagely, VCTV and Touchtown.


Yours and your guests’ information security is our top priority with each and every new product we develop.


Our team of Service experts is here for you every step of the way, while our UCrew Support team is available 24/7/365 to resolve any issues.


We provides a seamless one-stop-shop experience for all your hotel technology.