Digital Signage.

Uniguest digital signage software is designed to drive engaging communication by connecting content, integrating existing applications and simplifying content creation, scheduling and management. Whether it’s one display or 10,000 we have software that delivers your vision.

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Connected content, deployed everywhere

Uniguest digital signage is both as powerful and as simple as you need it to be. Drive templated content to a single
endpoint or scale seamlessly across an entire enterprise with 1,000s of players and multiple concurrent users.

Communicate key messaging

Integrate with real-time feeds to display weather, local attractions, social media, flight schedules, business data feeds and other convenient information that improves operations.


Promote your campaigns

Control promotional communication and campaigns across your network, ensuring you engage your audience with your vision, offers, value statements and much more.


Engage your audience

Strengthen your connection to your audience through video, digital art, personalized entertainment, interactivity, live TV, and targeted content.


Digital Signage Software connected by a powerful CMS

What good is a digital signage system if it doesn’t fit seamlessly into your day- to-day operations? With our software you enjoy simple customization, scheduling, monitoring, and deployment of content across all digital signage displays.

Share high-impact content experiences that drive guest loyalty and revenue and strengthen connections with your staff.

Our Content Management System ensures there is a solution matched to your needs — from a single admin to a 24/7 enterprise network.

Features for every requirement

Our CMS is fully-loaded with features for our customers in every field, bringing business data together with sports statistics or social media with live menus; whatever you need we have a platform to deliver it.



Display most common formats of static and animated images.



Support for most common video formats allowing inclusion in digital signage layouts.


Live TV

Native IPTV platform enables the delivery of live TV to digital signage displays from same CMS.


Social Media

Looking to add social content to engage your audience? Our social apps have got your back.



Our platform comes with widgets for weather, countdowns, RSS feeds, travel, news and more.



Create engaging interactive wayfinding or kiosk displays with our native interactivity.



Set it and forget it. Set up your day, season or campaign specific content and get back to work.


 Event Triggers

Instant overrides enable Moments of Exclusivity and campaigns launches at the touch of a button.



Deliver unique content for every area of a property, ensuring engagement and relevance.


Power BI

Want to deliver business critical data such as Power BI? We’ve got your covered.


User Access Control

Enable SSO and user access control with our Active Directory, LDAP and SAML integrations.



Connect our CMS to third party systems, beacons and triggers to create automated content updates.


Digital Menus

Take data directly from an EPOS or manually create digital menus to help increase sales.


Stats & Data

Enhance experience by providing third party data feeds on displays; inc. sports stats, financial data.



Create content in familiar apps like PowerPoint and upload to our CMS.

Deployment Flexibility

One size doesn’t fit all, we know that, which is why we offer several options for deployment of our software.


Full cloud-management with no on-site server hardware, delivered with SaaS licensing and simple provisioning.


Browser-based management with on-premise server hardware, allowing you to create your display network on existing IP infrastructure.


Utilize local appliance hardware to deliver IPTV, video or rich media content while managing your deployment from the cloud via web browser.

Content Creation & Managed Services

We hear you — content takes time, resources, and effort your team might not have. That’s why our team of professional designers is here to help. We’ll set up a framework and layouts you can work within or build custom content to meet your brand guidelines. Or a little of both — you choose!

Scope and Discovery

As our client, you’ll meet with our professional services team to outline your digital signage design needs and objectives in a comprehensive project plan.

Collaboration and Design

Our team works collaboratively with yours to incorporate feedback and design new templates and content as needed to help you achieve your communication goals.

Deployment and Evaluation

We create branded templates or completely customized designs that your team can simply maintain with easy-to-update content zones.

UrBrand Content Creation

Reliable hardware means a consistent experience with limited interruptions

Improve operational efficiency with high performing media players, commercial grade displays, and an enclosure to fit the vibe of every space.

Media Players and System-on-Chip (SoC)

Our solid-state Digital Signage Players offer feature-rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Our content management system (CMS) also supports system-on-chip (SOC), allowing you to deploy digital signage without an external media player – simplifying implementation and reducing costs.

    • Organize different media types (video, RSS, HTML, IPTV) into multiple
      layers and zones to create a bespoke screen design.
    • Media players deliver full HD video playback or 4K content depending on
      the model.