Cloud Printing.

Hotel guest printer thats easy-to-use, cloud-based and enables guests to print from their own devices to a designated printer in the meeting room, public space, or front desk.

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Cloud Printing

A self-serve hotel guest printer that is convenient for you and your customer

Guests securely connect and print from public workstations, tablets, and mobile devices – without having to involve the front desk. Prints are released with a unique code so sensitive documents aren’t left behind and paper waste is no longer an issue.

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Pairs with a Secure Workstation for a comprehensive solution

Cross Devices

Compatible with any laptop, tablet or mobile device

QR Code

Simple guest directions via QR code sticker

Cloud printing works anywhere.
No strings or wires attached.

The Uniguest Cloud Printing solution is flexible enough to accompany a single business center computer or deployed throughout a property as standalone printing stations.

Cloud Printing Floor Map - Hotel Guest Printer

Easy-to-follow directions for mobile wireless printing

Accompany any cloud printer with our managed support to keep everything running smoothly. Printers with managed services include a QR sticker that makes it easy for guests to print and introduces them to on-demand help in case they need the extra hand.

Hotel Guest Printer QR Example

Everything you need for simple and secure printing

We make it easy for hotels to deploy a printing solution in a matter of minutes and for guests to print without roadblocks.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, users can send files to print from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop platform.

    BYOD - Hotel Guest Printer
    Hotel Guest Printer Network Connection

    Simple Network Connection

    Uniguest Cloud Printing connects disparate networks with ease, which means users do not need any technical expertise to use the service.

      Secure Release Print Jobs

      Unique, secure print release codes ensure confidentiality and prevent the wrong person from retrieving a user’s document.

        Hotel Guest Printer Artboard 6 copy 2
        Hotel Guest Printer Artboard 6 copy 2

        Customized Web Portals

        Web portals are personalized with your property’s logo and color scheme.

          Additional Features

          Our Secure Cloud Printing Solutions make it easy for your guests to print their documents from any device and file type.

          PDF File - Hotel Guest Printer

          PDF, DOC, XML, PPT, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMF, GIF, Visio, and OpenOffice (among others)

          Hotel Guest Printer QR Code

          iOS and Android mobile apps make it easy for users to discover printers and print various types of files

          Hotel Guest Printer Languages

          Mobile apps and web portals are available in 12 languages to accommodate users around the world