IP Video Solutions.

Uniguest provides an array of IP Video solutions, enabling our customers to deliver interactive video, IPTV, desktop video & webcasting everywhere it’s needed, whenever it’s needed; securely and efficiently.

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IP Video

Connected content, deployed everywhere

Using best-of-breed hardware and our world-class software platforms, Uniguest has provided IPTV, Interactive TV, Enterprise Video, Video on Demand and Video-based Learning solutions for some of the world’s best-known organizations, educators, brands, and enterprises.

With hundreds of thousands of end-points successfully deployed we understand the needs of each of the industries we work in, developing features and solutions that solve video communication and distribution challenges for everyone.

Interactive IP Video TV Portal

Interactive TV

Uniguest provides a range of customizable Interactive TV solutions, each developed specifically for different audiences including Hotel TV, Enterprise TV, Resident TV, Patient TV, and Arena TV. Uniguest’s Interactive TV solutions offer a flexible and personalized experience delivering enhanced video infotainment.



Our IPTV solutions have been deployed across the globe, securely delivering live and pre-recorded IP video streams for thousands of organizations. Our solutions manage your content from end-to-end, at low latency, delivering to any device type you choose; digital signage display, Interactive TV Portal, mobile device, desktop or thin client.

Desktop IP Video

Desktop Video

Uniguest Desktop Video is more than just watching TV on a computer, it’s an enterprise video delivery platform, combining IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD) distribution with media storage, music and documentation allowing it to become a single point of access for any rich media content.



Part of our broader IP Video offering, our Webcasting solution is an enterprise-grade technology that allows presenters to broadcast their webcam and desktop screen to other users in near real-time to IPTV portals, desktop, mobiles and digital signage displays.