The deadlines have passed for the Comfort Suites Business Center Program, but you still need to get compliant. It is not too late to order!
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The Uniguest Connect public-use computer is our most secure, flexible, and feature-rich solution ever to be deployed. Don’t delay. Place your orders today to become compliant with the Choice Hotels hardware refresh and remote printing programs!



We’re ready when you are! Simply email, call, or use the web form to contact us. If you’re faxing the completed Remote Printing order form, our number is 775-942-4251. Thank you for your business!

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Hardware Refresh Program

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Uniguest Connect continues to be the hospitality industry’s leading public-use solution because hoteliers across the globe are choosing a simple, secure, and reliable path to drive guest satisfaction and defend its technology investment against the potential chaos caused by malicious users and cyber threats.

For hotel guests and visitors, the Uniguest Connect business center/public-use workstation is a complimentary, session-based service that provides a safe and intuitive computing experience while surfing the web, connecting to social media, and printing boarding passes.

Remote Printing Program

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Meet Uniguest Print, the secure, cloud-based printing solution that works on any type of mobile device and operating system platform. The flexibility is not only great news for guests and visitors, the front desk staff and IT departments — it also contributes to the overall brand experience.

Uniguest manages every aspect of this turnkey solution powered by PrinterOn, the easiest and most widely used mobile printing solution in the world. Uniguest provides a selection of printers, branded and personalized collateral, and 24/7/365 technical support.

Powered by the all-new
Secured Advantage 10 platform

The Uniguest Connect public-use solution is now powered by our exclusive and all-new, next-generation software platform, Secured Advantage 10. It is built from the ground up to protect the most innocent guest users and defend against the most malicious users and cyber threats.

Everything about Secured Advantage 10 is new and better. Better cybersecurity, a better brand experience, and better tech support. A few of its best-in-class enhancements include:

  • More cybersecurity measures to protect user privacy, computers, and printers
  • Progressive content filtering constantly evolves to intercept the proliferation of inappropriate websites and images
  • Session-based refresh deletes all locally-stored files upon logout or a preset duration of inactivity, then restores the computer to its fixed configuration state
  • Real-time device monitoring and proactive alerts enable Uniguest to rapidly identify and address potential issues before they become problems
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24/7 Technical Support

Our in-house technical support team, the UCrew, is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat to assist customers — and their guests and visitors — from our global support center in Nashville, TN.

The UCrew maintains best-in-class technical support as measured by abandoned call rates, call wait times, device uptime, and service level agreements.

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This tech guide gives you all of the information you need to order, set up, and maintain the public space technology provided by Uniguest.