2019 Year in Review

Jan 10, 2020

As we at Uniguest begin a new decade, it is important to reflect on the progress the Uniguest team made over the past year as we strive to be the most trusted provider of engagement technology in the markets we serve. Depending on the market, we want to create better engagement with guests (hospitality), residents (senior living), customers (retail/banking), fans (stadiums/entertainment), students (education), and all staff in general (especially in enterprise/banking). By delivering across our three core tenets: 1) best-in-class cybersecurity, 2) excellence in managed services, and 3) increased engagement for our customers’ customers, we believe we are well positioned to meet our goal as we roar into the 2020s.

2019 was another banner year for the Uniguest team – we acquired two exceptional businesses that took us to new levels with their product portfolios, we grew our customer footprint to nearly 18,000 accounts, we increased our already world-class Net Promoter Score, and we continued the roll out of a new arsenal of products to solve engagement needs for our customers.

Acquisition Growth

2019 marked an increased pace of acquisition for Uniguest adding new engagement products and new markets. In March of 2019, Uniguest finalized the acquisition of Touchtown, a leader in the senior living engagement technology space, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Touchtown brings engagement solutions that improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Then in September of 2019, Uniguest acquired Tripleplay, a leader and innovator in IPTV and digital signage, located in London, UK. Tripleplay rounds out the Uniguest solution set bringing more in-room capabilities as well as greatly enhancing its video delivering platform and capabilities. As we start 2020, the Uniguest team is now 350 employees strong across 13 global locations.

Business Growth

Uniguest continued its fast-paced growth with a significant increase in year-over-year revenue. Uniguest also nearly exceeded 18,000 customer accounts which is almost a 50% increase over the last three years, reflecting our focus to deliver solutions and engagement technology to a broader customer set. Additionally, Uniguest now has over 120,000 managed endpoints at these customer accounts and an additional 250,000 self-service endpoints.

Performance Growth

Our managed services team expanded its footprint in 2019 to meet the diverse needs of our growing customer base. While transition is still in progress, the result will be one central operations center with six additional managed service hubs providing full services across all products to our customers. The Uniguest team also enhanced our Net Promoter Score to +78 and continues to focus on the satisfaction of everyone using our tools and solutions.

Product Growth

2019 was an exceptional year for product innovation at Uniguest. In addition to enhancing our suite of kiosk and digital signage offerings, Uniguest rolled out a cloud-based Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), the Reserva Edge which greatly enhances our meeting room solution and form factor, hospitality portal for content management, and activity management workflows for senior living communities.

Entering the new decade, we recognize that industries and solutions are changing and will continue to change, and we are committed to maintaining our aspiration to be the most trusted provider of engagement technology in the markets we serve. We are increasing our R&D spend, continuing to bring in new and diverse talent, and will remain acquisitive in our search for best of breed solutions and innovation partners.

I hope everyone has a great start to 2020 and we will certainly be in touch. Thank you!

Matt Goche

COO, Uniguest