2020 Year in Review

Dec 17, 2020

2021 is on the horizon, and all we have to say is WHAT. A. YEAR. It’s no secret that 2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but there are still lots of great things to celebratefrom this year, too.

Millions of seniors have adapted to new technologies on their own and video content has taken the world by storm. And even from home, our team worked harder smarter than ever to bring new products, resources and support to communities around the world.

So let’s take one last look back at the highlights of 2020 before we welcome in the new year.

14 New Team Members

Our team grew quite a bit in 2020, welcoming 14 brand new Touchtown team members! From accounting to customer success to development, there are new faces (and one returning!) in just about every department this year. Get to know some of the awesome folks who make the Touchtown family so very special.

 6,143 times we heard the words ‘Unprecidented Year’

It’s true, 2020 has been a year like no other. But can we all agree to strike “unprecedented” from our vocabulary for at least a few orbits around the sun? We broke out our handy thesaurus to find a few fun synonyms that won’t give you flashbacks to March 2020.

  • Outlandish – looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar.

  • Newfangled – different from what one is used to; objectionably new.

  • Sui generis – constituting a class alone; unique, peculiar.


2,875 Video Meeting Interruptions

Between kiddos doing virtual learning, dog barking symphonies and the dreaded wifi issues, meetings have looked very different in 2020. But really, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re all balancing work and home life and everything in between this year, so a few funny interruptions are more than welcomed. BTW, you’re on mute.

247,289 Youtube Videos Scheduled by Touchtown

With the help of abundant and accessible video content, in-room entertainment was easy, even during lockdown. This year alone, Touchtown helped senior living communities share nearly 275k YouTube videos to resident rooms and devices and even families and staff as well.

156 Loaves of Bread Baked

Remember that weird bread-making phase everyone went through back in April? Us too. Our team and their families baked up a storm this year, and we’ve got the photos to proveit.

807,681 Logins to the Touchtown Content Manager

Thousands of senior living professionals have been using Touchtown to overcome the challenges of physical distancing this year. The Content Manager that powers it all has seen lots of love—seriously, 800,000 logins is astounding!—and we couldn’t be prouder.

214 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

Okay, so we rounded a bit on this one. But sanitizing our hands (and everything else around us) has become a constant in this year of crazy surprises, and we’re thankful no one is kicking this habit for their new year’s resolution.

4,656 Visits to out Covid-19 Content Resources

In March of this year, the need to keep residents mentally and physically engaged while remaining safe in their rooms quickly became our #1 priority. With the help of many customers and partners, we put together a vast collection of resources to help.

Since then, the response has been overwhelming! This list of resources has been accessed over 4,000 times and still serves as a helpful library of content whenever you need an extra idea or two.

10 New Features Launched

Three cheers for the hardworking Touchtown development team! Throughout 2020, we released 10 new amazing products and features for our friends in senior living. From Video Concierge to Touchtown Live, our product releases were the talk of the town this year!

7 Million App Sessions 

Community Apps just keeps getting better each year, and that number is proof that thousands of seniors think so too. This year, seniors, staff and community members have relied on Touchtown Community Apps seven. million. times. to deliver essential community information, connect with friends and much, much more.

So, what do you think 2021 will look like?