eStream AI Photo and Image Management .

A comprehensive solution with dedicated tools for creating the ultimate image and photo library

Our cutting-edge tools make it simple for organizations to create an image library from which users can easily search for photos of specific individuals or groups based on their appearance.

eStream Photo Library

Galleries, Collections & Lightboxes



Create collections to build a structured library for your photos and images.



Galleries create engaging ways of displaying your images



Share and embed galleries into websites, digital signage designs and other platforms



Lightboxes enable users to collaborate and create working folders of images

eStream Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition & AI Assisted Search

A quick import of an initial series of reference images provides the information that facial recognition needs to match a face with a name; eStream then automatically adds tags to the selected images or image collections.

In addition, a built-in AI engine identifies objects within images to offer a fantastic, AI-assisted search option.

Flexible Upload Options

  • Images can be uploaded from any device
    • Formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PSD and RAW are supported as standard.
  • Utilize the built-in batch upload and tagging tool to upload an existing image library easily.
  • Generate QR codes so users can scan and upload images directly to a specific collection or lightbox using their iOS device.
eStream Photo Upload QR
eStream Photo Library Map View

Unrivalled image tagging

Create a series of image tags to help organize your library and ensure a simple browsing experience for users. Additional camera EXIF data can also be incorporated as metadata, making it easier to find images, including geotagging data enabling images to be searched for by map location.

Digital consent forms and consent tagging

Acquire consent for using images easily via digital onscreen consent forms and attach licensing or usage guidance to ensure users know how they can use images.