How digital signage and wayfinding can improve experience and connection with patients

Jun 23, 2023

Patient improvement with Digital Signage and Wayfinding
In the evolving world of healthcare, effective communication is vital for delivering quality care and improving patient outcomes. The digital transformation of the healthcare industry has brought about significant advancements in communication technology, revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals collaborate, interact with patients, and deliver information. In many places, the widespread introduction of digital signage and wayfinding technology is driving increased efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness of healthcare communication.

Digital Signage: Informing and Engaging Patients

Digital signage has become integral to healthcare facilities, replacing traditional static signs with dynamic displays that provide real-time information and engage patients effectively. These digital displays are strategically placed throughout facilities, delivering essential information such as appointment reminders, wait times, and general health tips. By displaying visually appealing content, live TV, and movement, digital signage captures patients’ attention and helps them stay informed and engaged during their visit. Furthermore, leveraging digital signage to showcase educational content, promote preventive care, and raise awareness about specific health campaigns or services fosters a proactive approach and attitude toward healthcare.

Wayfinding: Enhancing Navigation and Patient Experience

Navigating large healthcare facilities can be challenging for patients and visitors. This is where wayfinding technology comes into play, utilizing interactive digital displays, mobile apps, or touch-screen kiosks to provide intuitive directions and guidance. With wayfinding tools, patients can quickly locate their destination, such as a specific department, clinic, or parking area. These technologies can also provide further assistance, offering step-by-step directions and estimated walking times and highlighting nearby amenities like restrooms and cafes. By reducing stress and improving navigation, wayfinding solutions enhance the overall patient experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey through the healthcare facility.

Emergency Notifications: Ensuring Rapid Response and Safety

In emergencies, such as a fire, natural disaster, or security threats, timely communication is paramount to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Digital signage technology and mobile notifications enable healthcare facilities to quickly disseminate emergency notifications and instructions. Facilities can program their networks to override all digital signage displays with emergency messaging, evacuation routes, and safety procedures, helping to guide individuals to the nearest exits or safe zones. By leveraging engagement tech for emergency notifications, healthcare facilities can facilitate swift responses, minimize panic, and ensure the well-being of everyone within the premises.

Promoting Services: Educating and Increasing Awareness

Healthcare facilities offer a wide range of services beyond primary care, including specialized clinics, wellness programs, and preventive screenings. However, patients and visitors may be unaware of or overlook these services. Engagement technology can promote and educate individuals about the available services through digital signage and interactive displays. Delivering eye-catching visuals, informative videos, and engaging content helps to capture attention and raise awareness. By leveraging engagement tech for service promotion, healthcare facilities can increase utilization, encourage proactive healthcare-seeking behavior, and ultimately improve population health. Find out more about how Uniguest’s solutions support enhanced engagement within healthcare and visit