Low Latency Encoders.

Faster, higher quality, and better value encoding

Uniguest’s Low Latency Encoders are ideal for fast moving environments such as sports stadia and arena, and they provide enough security for applications within government and corporate organizations. Our range of encoders include HD and 4K units with dual HDMI and SDI inputs and come in a space saving 1U form factor.

Uniguest 4K Encoder

Low latency live video delivery for demanding environments

Low Latency

Low Latency Encoder for live events or applications where low latency is critical to optimize end-user experience when viewing live streamed content.

IPTV Encoder

An incredible glass-to-glass latency as low as 100ms* for the HD units and 170ms* for the 4K units when used with Uniguest’s SP1 media player.

Low Latency Encoder

Our encoder appliances are fully supported and integrated with our Tripleplay IPTV, signage and video streaming solution.

Uniguest Low Latency Encoder
Low Latency Encoder HD

Features of Uniguest Encoders

Glass-to-glass latency

  • Subframe device latency
  • The HD Encoder achieves a glass-to-glass delay as low as 100ms when outputting 1080p@60fps
  • The 4K Encoders achieve a glass-to-glass delay as low as 170ms when outputting at 2160p@60fps over SDI

Inputs & Channels

  • Dual channel devices support two HD or 4K inputs (HDMI or SDI), converting them into an IPTV stream
  • Our HD Encoder offers dual HDMI and HD-SDI inputs as standard
  • Single and dual-channel 4K encoder options, both with HDMI and HD-SDI inputs


  • Only 1U in size to save rack space
  • Units can be sited close to the input source, reducing the need for cabling back to the server room

Playout devices

  • Uniguest P2 Media Player
  • Uniguest SP1 Media Player
  • Uniguest NTB Media Players
  • BrightSign Media Players
  • System-on-Chip/Smart TV