Your screens, just smarter

Cloud-managed screen software converts your screens (and theirs) into branded, personalized guest experiences that generate revenue. Otrum is a software that powers Interactive TV, Digital Signage and Casting for clients across the world.
Otrum by Uniguest

Simple innovation delivering content everywhere

Our Otrum platform delivers three core services, empowering content and media delivery to displays across an IP or cloud network.


Digital Signage


Interactive TV



Single platform cloud solution

Otrum is exclusively sold and deployed via our global channel partner network. Through our partners we help specify and configure the solution for every unique need, developing integrations that make sense for our clients and end users.

DEP CMS Diagram

Otrum Solutions

Interactive TV

Our software powers a range of customizable Interactive TV solutions, each developed specifically for different audiences including Hotel and Patient TV. Our Interactive TV solutions offer a flexible and personalized experience delivering enhanced video infotainment.
Hotel Room TV
DEP Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Otrum digital signage software is designed to drive engaging communication by connecting content, integrating existing applications and simplifying content creation, scheduling and management. Whether it’s one display or 10,000 we have software that delivers your vision.


The availability and utilization of subscription video services like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube have become widespread. Individuals can now carry their preferred entertainment services wherever they go on their mobile devices and using our Casting solution can share it to an in-room TV.
Casting Hotel TV

Key Integrations

Our Otrum software supports key third-party delivery technologies. Please check with your account manager for latest device support and compatibility.

Flexible deployment options

Our Otrum software can be delivered in the most appropriate way for each client, with flexible infrastructure to enable video and content everywhere it’s needed on any network.

Cloud Deployment

Delivering Otrum via secure cloud-based platform provides unrivaled flexibility and scalability.

Hybrid Deployment

A hybrid deployment model means services and IP Video content can be configured and delivered locally on a server and then managed in the central cloud management interface.

On-Premise Deployment

Prefer to keep your network local? Otrum can be deployed on-premise for enhanced security and local control.