Touchtown Announces Pet Engagement Technology

Apr 1, 2019

After 20 years of successfully engaging and connecting residents, staff members, families, and future residents, Touchtown has developed a new solution for your community’s furry friends.

Touchtown introduces “Pet Engagement Technology.”

TV+ In-Doghouse TV Channel

Schedule your pup’s favorite movies like Breakfast at Sniff-any’s through a customized and high-def in-(dog)house TV channel.

[DISCLAIMER: Scented display currently under development]

Alexa Integration

Finding out about the next puppy play date or kibble serving has never been easier. Simply bark at Alexa for dining menus, announcements, and activities. Then, guide your human to a dining venue or tennis ball of choice.

Dog Park Apps

Dog Park Apps empower your pooch to sniff… eh hem… connect with other community canines by way of a doggie directory.

Discover the next frisbee tournament and mailman sighting with the tap of a paw.