Bridges by Epoch Senior Living.


Bridges by Epoch provides home-like, neighborhood environments for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss in MA, CT, NH. By using Eversound’s wireless listening systems and iN2L touch screen engagement systems, residents receive the individualized, person- centered engagement they deserve.

Helping families with loved ones living with dementia through memory care cafes

This community outreach program was run at some of the Bridges’ communities to provide support to individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. The Memory Care Cafe sessions included interactive programs using Eversound’s wireless listening system and content presented via the iN2L touch screen engagement system with 12-15 participants. These cafes provided attendees and opportunity to meet others as well as participate in engaging activities.

Continuing valued program during the pandemic

With face to face Memory Cafes put on hold, the Bridges’ team pivoted to a virtual approach to continue outreach. To conduct their events they used the iN2L system and content from Eversound’s Premium Programming service. Over 70 individuals attended each session.

The Memory Care Cafés absolutely help our relationships and connections with potential family members. We will never come off the virtual platform and the use of Eversound and iN2L.

Alicia Seaver

VP of Memory Care

A technology supported community outreach program that positively impacted sales

The virtual program met a strong need for meaningful socialization and showcasing the engagement solutions that their community use each day has resulted in a positive impact on marketing and sales efforts.

Staff used the iN2L system’s video chat to connect with prospective residents and families from their local market and other regions. A typical program lasts an hour and might feature a trivia game from iN2L and live or pre-recorded musical entertainment from Eversound on a selected theme, like the Beatles or National Chocolate Day, as well as introductions and conversation starters.

I think this pandemic has really taught people at our community level the value of these products. Eversound and iN2L afford you an opportunity for individualized programming choices on the fly.

Alicia Seaver

VP of Memory Care

Going virtual with its Memory Care Cafes has attracted as many as 70 attendees per session and showcased the engagement technologies that have made Bridges by EPOCH a standout in its market. “I was highly impressed with the results we got providing these programs online because we were able to reach people who may have had a difficult time getting out of the house before the COVID pandemic,” says Sarah Turcotte. By making this program virtual, Bridges by EPOCH answered a strong need for meaningful socialization in the local communities it serves and beyond, as the pandemic resulted in canceled senior day programs and shuttered senior centers across all markets. Bridges by EPOCH staff is confident that their use of these complementary technologies has also positively impacted sales and marketing efforts for their communities by showcasing the engagement solutions their communities use each and every day. “There’ve been a lot of silver linings in this pandemic for us,” says Alicia Seaver, “and we will never come off the virtual platform from here on out.”