Cinescape – Kuwait National Cinema Company.

Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC), the leading entertainment company in Kuwait and gulf region, has relaunched its premium Cinescape brand across 11 venues equipping them with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the movie- going experience.

At one of its latest venues, the new Al Kout Mall multiplex which has nine advanced technology theatres seating over 1,500 cinema-goers, now boasts an impressive foyer delivering a cinematic experience even before movie-goers enter the theatre. Dynamic digital signage which synchronizes on-screen content across multiple displays has been installed. Using ONELAN solutions, the on-screen content displays real-time movie schedules, trailers as well as refreshment concession information.

“A key objective of our design and build team was to achieve maximum visual impact for visitors on arrival with an eye-catching immersive experience,” explained Khaled Almarzouq of KNCC.

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“ONELAN was selected because of its player synchronization capabilities and the ability for a single CMS to seamlessly push content to, and manage, the complex combination of HD, 4K Net-Top-Box signage players and System-on-Chip displays. Critically, the ONELAN CMS is easy to use from a single interface and is updated several times a day as information changes.”

The installation features an impressive wall of 86” LG stretch screens which deliver a changing visual experience from a variety of viewing angles. The screens air advertising, movie trailers plus movie age restrictions. A single 4K player runs up to four screens within the wall of 20+ displays.

Above ticketing desks, a vast 10,080 x 400-pixel LED wall provides visitors with food and drink menu options and ticket price details.

Outside each movie theatre, 55” LG webOS screens – each with a five-year SOC licence – provide up-to-date movie scheduling information and details of the upcoming film.

“ONELAN helps us deliver on our ambitious plans to create a truly immersive and engaging experience in our state- of-the-art cinemas. What ONELAN achieves technologically with one CMS managing a mixed network of display interfaces is impressive.”

ONELAN is now installed in four Cinescape venues, with a further more to follow.

This ONELAN investment helps KNCC, which was first established in 1954, cement its status as the premium entertainment company in Kuwait and wider GCC, creating an innovative and captivating movie-going experience to drive and maintain customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.