English National Opera adds a modern touch to the London Coliseum with Tripleplay Digital Signage.


English National Opera (ENO), based at the iconic London Coliseum Theatre in Central London, is best known for producing critically acclaimed repertoire with ground-breaking staging and musicality. The company, which already attracts thousands of visitors every year, needed an effective communications tool to cater to this audience and keep them informed of upcoming events and increase visitor engagement during shows.

ENO had difficulty in communicating its upcoming company schedule and available dates of current and future shows to visitors at the theatre and those passing by the venue. The system they had, consisted of eight flat, static printed boards which were not effective in promoting the full range of activity at the theatre.

ENO’s primary objective when looking for a new platform was a technology that enhanced people’s enjoyment at the theatre, and to entice visitors in to making multiple purchases, whether that was merchandise, future tickets or concessions. They engaged independent integrator, Interlink Vision, for a recommendation on the best platform for their facility.

Flexible platform to engage the public inside and out

ENO identified that it needed a solution which allowed them to be more flexible with their approach to advertising, and informative about upcoming show dates and performances.

Geoff Summerton, director of London Coliseum operations, looked at other venues to see what digital signage solutions were being used by them to improve communications and improve customer engagement, “We had a lot of challenges when it came to delivering messages and advertising about our upcoming shows, and we needed to make this a priority in our digital strategy for the venue. We simply didn’t advertise the operas individually and we had to do a full season list which is less impactful. Tripleplay seemed to be the most user friendly and easily expandable platform.”

There were significant printing cost implications with their old communications methods as ENO had to mass produce posters and flyers for each event and season. The number of printed materials needed has now hugely decreased through the use of TripleSign Digital Signage where employees can upload relevant content onto the correct playlists to be played out to visitors on displays inside and outside the venue; delivering a tangible monetary saving for the venue.


ENO, working with Tripleplay and Interlink Vision, implemented both NEC professional displays inside the Theatre foyer accompanied by four custom made, 1.7m high, self cleaning Viewpresence displays located on the exterior entranceways.

We wanted the ability to be able to schedule targeted messages on screens for special guests and visitors whilst promoting the ENO and delivering company information

Carolyn Sims

Director of Marketing and Audience Engagement

Increasing audience engagement and driving ROI through digital signage

Carolyn Sims, Director of Marketing and Audience Engagement commented, “One of the issues with the previous printed solution was that we were obviously unable to schedule multiple messages for ENO when our visiting companies were in the building; as contractually they required 75% of the available advertising boards. Now, with Tripleplay, ENO is able to provide an enhanced advertising experience for visiting companies but are also able to maintain coverage for schemes and opera productions, by creating dynamic content for the playlists.”

Tripleplay offered the ENO a sophisticated enough content management system to meet their current demands, but with scope for future expansion. Playlist creation, scheduling and event triggers allow the venue to easily create, upload and add bespoke content to different zones of the theatre; targeted at who is in the audience that evening.

Tripleplay and ENO have worked together to enhance experience and deliver communications for visitors and guests at this historic theatre, allowing ENO to offer an up-to-date modern feel to everybody who comes to the venue, with an easy to use CMS powering the digital signage in the background.