FirstOntario Credit Union chooses Digital Signage by Uniguest to elevate member experience and engagement.


FirstOntario Credit Union (FirstOntario) is a financial institution with a network of 28 branches and is among the largest credit unions in Canada. An organization focused on being closely connected to its members and dedicated to providing exceptional service, FirstOntario recognized the need for a robust and effective communication platform to keep its members informed and engaged.


The Need for Digital Solutions

FirstOntario had previously implemented a digital messaging system in its branches through a third- party organization but found the system did not achieve the desired outcomes for the credit union.

With 28 branches and a commitment to supporting community partners, FirstOntario needed a reliable solution that could deliver timely, relevant information in an easy-to-use manner.

Uniguest Technology

To address these challenges, FirstOntario embarked on a journey to find a better communication solution. They sought a partner who could provide not only digital screens and signage but also a turnkey solution that aligned with their need for flexibility and also supported growth.

FirstOntario connected with Uniguest, who offered a comprehensive solution that met their requirements. This included deploying screens and digital signage in high-traffic areas within branches and corporate offices. Uniguest software enabled rapid communication between members and employees, offering flexibility for various campaigns, messages, and community events. The ability to update content daily or weekly, based on need, was a significant advantage in the fast-paced financial services industry.

We prioritized implementing a digital signage solution for seamless communication with members. It was important to have a solution that could adapt and scale with our business.

Joanne Battaglia

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Consistency and Clarity

The introduction of the new digital signage solution at FirstOntario represented a pivotal moment in the credit union’s communication strategy. This innovative technology empowered the organization to uphold a standard of clear and consistent messaging to its valued members, significantly enhancing their overall experience.

By providing important and timely messaging to their members and employees, FirstOntario ensures a seamless working environment, where everyone can stay informed and connected. At the same time, the focus on individual branch signage highlights the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image across all touchpoints.

Working with Uniguest was an easy decision as they have a solid reputation and the ability to grow alongside our credit union over the years.

Joanne Battaglia

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Strategic placement and design

The screen installations were strategically stationed in high-traffic areas to maximize member exposure to the content displayed. This thoughtful placement increased the likelihood of members engaging with the information being presented.

Utilizing the adaptability of the digital signage system to enhance the member experience, branches within FirstOntario’s network have the ability to customize their messaging to support specific community events or promotions, delivering a heightened sense of local connection and relevance to the members they serve.

Strong Vendor Partnership

The vendor partnership played an important role in the success of the project. Uniguest not only provided the necessary hardware and software but also acted as a bridge between FirstOntario and its hardware providers, resolving issues promptly and efficiently.

FirstOntario’s partnership with Uniguest and the implementation of digital screens and signage in branches and corporate offices has had a significant positive impact. The institution now has a reliable, flexible, and engaging communication platform that enables them to communicate valuable information to members and employees promptly.

Future work with Uniguest

Uniguest displayed a remarkable dedication to improving communication, resulting in enhanced member experiences and a more influential brand presence within the community.

Uniguest’s 24/7 support services helped our branches overcome any obstacles with ease. It was reassuring to know we had someone available on the phone or onsite to guide us through the entire process, which made the installation quick and efficient. Throughout our collaboration with Uniguest, the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. They met and exceeded all our expectations in creating a dynamic digital signage system from start to finish, and we look forward to a successful future with Uniguest.

Joanne Battaglia

Senior Vice President, Marketing