Senior Living.


A senior living organization specializing in Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living uses Eversound to increase resident engagement by 28%.

Improving participation from hearing-impaired residents

LCB Senior Living recognized that residents who experienced natural, age-related hearing loss were less likely to participate in group events and activities. Staff believed that improving resident hearing with Eversound would increase engagement, participation, and overall resident well-being.

Using eversound for events and activities

LCB Senior Living implemented Eversound’s wireless headphone system at a variety of events and activities:

  • speaker events
  • tai chi and yoga
  • meetings
  • social groups
  • movie viewings

Analyzing Eversound’s impact

LCB Senior Living conducted a study which found that Eversound greatly improved resident engagement. Eversound also provided benefits for residents with dementia by reducing distracting background noise to improve focus.

  • 28% increase in resident
    engagement in activities
  • 25% fewer residents leaving
    or falling asleep



To learn another language, to learn about other cultures, to catch up on the old movies that you’ve always loved...all of those things are made more possible and more rich in terms of experience by the Eversound system.

Ted Doyle

Vice President of Marketing, LCB Senior Living