LEGOLAND® Hotels Increases Guest Engagement.

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Merlin Entertainments began using Volara’s private and secure conversation management software atop the Google Nest Hub in August 2021. Utilization of the Nest Hub devices with Volara has reimagined the in-room guest experience, even eliminating the need for high-touch items like bedside alarm clocks and telephones.

A review of the utilization data from LEGOLAND® Hotels shows that 76.8% of Nest Hub devices with Volara at LEGOLAND® Hotels are used each day; 67.47% of those devices at LEGOLAND® Hotels that are engaged once are used three or more times per day; 25.38% of those devices at LEGOLAND® Hotels are used 13+ times each day; and an average of 10 hours of staff time are saved every day due to the automation of greetings, recommendations, and information sharing, as well as item and service requests by the Nest Hubs with Volara.


“LEGOLAND Hotel at LEGOLAND® New York Resort opened without any telephones in the guestrooms. The Nest Hubs with Volara are an intuitive means of engaging with hotel staff and services. Instead of picking up the phone when guests need something, they just ask Google. The device is not only providing entertainment and satisfaction, but it is driving service optimization. Volara’s integration is helping us fulfill service requests more rapidly and providing us with actionable business intelligence to help us make data-driven decisions. If we see a spike in guests asking Google for more blankets, for example, we can start putting extra blankets in all rooms when the weather starts changing to cut back on service calls. Voice AI in rooms through Volara and Google is opening a whole world of opportunity to operators like us and it’s creating experiences that today’s travelers are craving.” — James Barton, Group Head of Business Transformation, Hotels, Merlin Entertainments.

By serving guests through voice automation, as well as eliminating print collateral in rooms and placing each hotel’s e-directory on the digital voice assistant, LEGOLAND® Hotels are shaving costs. Guests will be able to scan a QR code on the Google device to view a digital menu, book a table, or place an order, adding a digital sales channel in the guestroom and driving more revenues.