Uniguest provides bedside communication solution for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals has campuses in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Since 1958, the organization has provided world-class rehabilitation and physical medicine services to children and adults throughout the nation. Through clinical expertise, innovative technologies and cutting-edge research Madonna is empowering people facing the most complex conditions reach their fullest potential.

The Omaha Campus was completed in late 2016 and features a 5,000 square foot therapy gymnasium, a simulated community within the hospital called ‘Independence Square’, a gait and motion lab, warm-water therapy pool, driver re-training facilities, access to orthotics and prosthetics experts, beauty and barber services, cafeteria and fully-accessible chapel.

As part of its ethos of creating a community and inclusive environment, Madonna wanted to implement a modern bedside TV infotainment solution; allowing it to provide live TV, video on demand (VOD) entertainment and campus information.

Madonna turned to local technology experts, Performance Solutions, for advice and guidance and they introduced Tripleplay. Brad Arth, IT systems administrator at Madonna said, “The team at Performance Solutions was able to link us up with some other local users of the Tripleplay platform, arranging a tour of their facilities and allowing us to see first-hand how they had implemented the technology. This gave us an opportunity to develop some ideas around how we would use the platform and actually talk to somebody who understands the pitfalls and the routes to success. It makes you feel you’re part of a tech community using the platform.”

Madonna chose to implement the Tripleplay platform on both campuses, deploying around 150 endpoints of Digital Signage and Interactive IPTV with additional capabilities to deliver live video and TV to desktop PCs.

Fast implementation and great support

Working with Tripleplay and Performance Solutions, the IPTV and Digital Signage deployment was implemented in just two weeks, with the deployment completed fully, on time for the official opening of the Omaha hospital.

Arth continued, “When Tripleplay came in we had around two weeks to the launch of the hospital. We had to get the platform installed, working and ensure we were familiar with it to offer ongoing support; it was a little daunting.

“But in that timeframe we had functioning TVs, we had media, we had custom content created and playing out on the 150 displays and we were well on our way to being able to personally program every TV in the hospital.”

“Getting this all done in such a tight timeframe was impressive and a testament to the team at Tripleplay,” said Arth.

Tripleplay’s solution included full VOD and IPTV capabilities for each patient’s bedside TV and also integrated with the hospital’s bespoke bedside controller; custom work that has made the system much simpler to use.

Since its implementation, Tripleplay’s IPTV and Digital Signage platform has been incredibly reliable, but when support has been needed they have offered a fast and effective safety net. Arth explains, “It’s a system that just hums away in the background, requiring very little thought or support. But when there has been any kind of problem, which is few and far between, we have had great help from the Tripleplay tech support staff and team.

“A key part of that support has been their ownership of a problem, they don’t pass the buck, even when it appears the problem isn’t caused by the Tripleplay platform. They have worked with us to identify the problems and continue until we’re back fully operational.”

Great support, reliable platform and simple user interface

Madonna is now planning ahead for future requirements, including delivering care videos via the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Bedside Portal, an additional functionality that requires no additional hardware expense.

Arth has been delighted with the choice of Tripleplay, and is more than happy to recommend its solutions to colleagues and peers, “As a systems administrator, when I talk to people about what I recommend, I take it very seriously because that reflects on me. This industry is a community of people and so you have to be able to trust each other; I would recommend Tripleplay.

“I’d like to tell anyone looking for a bedside TV, IPTV or digital signage platform that Tripleplay is a great choice. They support and value you as a customer and when it comes to the technology they know what they’re doing and deliver on their promises.”