MiCo Convention Centre enhances visitor engagement and return on investment with Digital Signage and IPTV.

Based in Milan, Fiera Milano Congressi (FMC), part of the Fiera Milano Group, is Italy’s leading international venue management company. The Fiera Milano Congressi runs two conference centres and a business suite with capacity for over 18,000 delegates, one of which is the MiCo Convention Centre. Established in 2003, the MiCo is one of Europe’s largest convention centres featuring sixty-five conference rooms and 50,000 square metres of exhibition space.

FMC’s objectives for the MiCo were to concentrate on eradicating the environmental impact of its printed signage, to offer delegates a service that enhances visitor engagement, and to be capable of delivering a range of digital signage and video content across the entire site. Working with renowned AV technology distributor Prase, the MiCo team identified Tripleplay from a list of leading suppliers of digital signage and IPTV as the best fit for its needs.

The MiCo had previously faced the challenge of not being able to effectively communicate messages to its delegates, such as venue health and safety information, wayfinding and sponsored content or advertising. With printed signage, the demand for constant change had become too problematic.There were also significant environmental implications with their old communicative methods, having the constant demand to print and update static poster displays meant it was becoming more and more expensive, time consuming and created unnecessary waste.

Contemporary platform with customisable content

FMC recognised the need for a platform for the MiCo that could offer total flexibility and identified that Tripleplay’s feature rich solution would offer ease of use, a full Content Management System (CMS) and the ability to distribute live feeds to multiple displays across the venue within a digital signage layout. As well as these features, there is access to standard TV facilities, full digital signage end-point control and mobile device streaming options.

Tripleplay’s platform was selected as the ideal solution for the MiCo as it meant that it would be able to offer delegates a specifically tailored service that featured customisable content available via Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal
and TripleSign Digital Signage. Tripleplay’s solution enables
delegates to have an exclusively personalised and high- quality experience no matter what kind of event they attend.

Fabrizio Conte, marketing and communication manager at FMC commented, “The system allows us to replace our outdated printed signage and enable features such as wayfinding and venue information displays, common items that our delegates need to see. Having the power to replace the old system with Tripleplay’s solution allows us to have a more modernised and forward-thinking way of providing information to our delegates.”

With Tripleplay’s CMS, the MiCo has the option to update content where and when it is needed, as well as offering customised or branded displays as a paid service which in turn can boost the MiCo’s return on investment (ROI), and become part of the organisation’s value proposition. Fabriziocontinues,, “The customisations are offered as an exclusive paid service to our clients which is a great way to boost profitability and generate higher revenue for our company.”

Digital signage and IPTV boosting profitability

Working with Tripleplay, the MiCo team was able to install over 100 displays including a range of LG webOS screens and Amino H150 set-top boxes. Additional displays can also be added to the deployment when there is a need for temporary signage or live feed displays.
In total, the MiCo can utilise around 130
endpoints of Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV during an event; although the system can handle thousands of endpoints should the need arise.

This flexibility offers great advertising opportunities for the venue and sponsors. The ability to deliver a variety of content types including eye-catching digital menu boards, advertisements and engaging public information displays, has resulted in greater customer and sponsor sales, leading to increased profitability and return on investment.

Enhancing delegate engagement

Fabio Martucci, AV manager for Fiera Milano Congressi explains, “The ability to showcase IPTV feeds across our site allows us to have control on what our delegates are seeing, so that they are given precise information. We no longer rely on outdated and time-consuming methods to update the content that is delivered to delegates.”

As the MiCo is such a large venue, it needed to manage multiple types of content and brand each event differently depending on the client; Tripleplay’s user friendly Digital Signage CMS allowed it to create playlists ahead of time and then use simple content

upload features such as QuickDrop, to easily change and refresh the look and feel of the layouts.

Instant, simple content updates were fundamental as it meant the MiCo no longer had to worry about the planning and updating of signage. With a click, drag and drop, users can personalise content for any event instantly. This was crucial for the MiCo as it allows ease of use and produces high-quality content that can be updated in real time, creating efficiency and reliability for all events


Moving forward together and planning for the future 

Tripleplay has delivered an extensive project with the MiCo, creating a modern convention centre. Fabrizio Conte comments, “We are looking forward to our future partnership with Tripleplay, I am sure that together we can create a long lasting and loyal relationship. Tripleplay has been so forthcoming with listening to our needs and has treated us with competence and kindness; Tripleplay’s digital signage and IPTV solution has been paramount in making our delegate experience at the venue more personable and engaging.

“We at the FMC have been extremely satisfied with what Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV system has offered the MiCo and are looking forward to continuing our venture together in the future.”

In such a highly competitive industry, the MiCo team wanted solutions that can be both effective and useful, but adaptable to different events and clientele. Tripleplay allowed the convention centre to compete at a high level in its market, offering new opportunities, making a service more effective whilst maintaining management simplicity.