Great ambience and state-of-the-art-technology ensure success at Sportbar Bärn.

The Sportbar Bärn is more than just a bar.
With live tv broadcasts, it encompasses all the comforts of home, with customers surrounded by other sports fanatics, their friends and family.

The external lounge for sports fans

The Sportbar Bärn first opened its doors in April 2018, with its mission to ensure customers could watch live sports on tv while enjoying a good quality meal in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Not only were the founders avid sports fans, the staff were too – and they all shared the same ambition to become the sports bar of choice in Bern, offering a high level of service and a unique atmosphere.

The bar has 80 seats inside and 60 outside and currently broadcasts sports events on 14 large screens spaced throughout the Bärn.

In addition to live broadcasting of sports events, Sportbar Bärn is also the home of the Dälhölzli Tennis Club and offers its premises for use, which include a meeting room for private and corporate event hire; giving an additional revenue stream.

A clear concept and a challenging technology

The owners of Sportbar Bärn were conscious that live broadcasts of sports events had to be perfectly synchronised if the new sports bar was going to be successful. However real-time broadcasts were often subject to delays, and the quality of the broadcasts did not match up to expectations with technical problems becoming a regular event. Hence an alternative solution was urgently required.

Robust platform to ensure high-quality broadcasts

Having evaluated the requirements, Sportbar Bärn’s trusted partner Ricoh recommended the Tripleplay IPTV solution as it exactly met the project specifications.

With a strong track record of IPTV deployments, Tripleplay’s solution allows for the capture, encoding and distribution of live TV streams across an IP network, with no discernible delays or interruptions. Additionally, the new Tripleplay solution could be used to broadcast advertisements and other third party content, generating a quick return on investment.

With the IT network optimised to enable high-quality broadcasts, and the wifi upgraded, everything was in place for broadcasting live events.

High quality service, great ambience and state- of-the-art technology ensure success

Since the installation of the solution, Sportbar Bärn has been able to offer high-quality broadcasts of sports events, showing several live events simultaneously.

The simple management and easy interface of the software has proven a major advantage with the venue able to customise the solution for private and corporate events, including enabling photos and videos to be shown on the screens.

The team’s technical know-how enabled them to offer Sportbar Bärn a complete solution which they were able to deploy very rapidly, and so recurring technical issues have now become a thing of the past.

Several live broadcasts simultaneously without any delay.

Luc Estermann, Director of Sportbar Bärn commented, “We were impressed by the team’s ability to provide all the services we required and the advice they gave us, as well as by their flexibility and efficiency. Throughout the project, they demonstrated great competence and impressive technical know-how.”