Brave new era at Truist Park with Uniguest Digital Signage and IPTV.

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 The Braves at Truist Park Case Study

Brave new era at Truist Park with Uniguest Digital Signage & IPTV.

Truist Park is a Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium located near Atlanta, GA, serving as the home ballpark for the Atlanta Braves, officially opened in April 2017.


The stadium was designed to provide fans with an enhanced experience and features state-of-the-art facilities incorporating a modern design with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

Truist Park offers a variety of amenities, including wide concourses, modern concession stands, multiple bars and lounges, picnic areas, and a children’s play area. It also includes premium seating options such as luxury suites, club seats, and party suites.

The ballpark has a seating capacity of approximately 41,000 for regular-season games, with the ability to expand for special events.

Enhancing fan experience

One of the priorities for the team at Truist Park was to enhance the fan experience and serve the needs of sponsors throughout the stadium by providing real-time information, entertainment, and engaging content. Deploying a digital signage and IPTV platform was identified as the optimum solution to help to achieve this, with over 700 endpoints installed across the estate.

Integrating IPTV allowed the broadcast of TV content providing fans with access to live broadcasts of games, highlights from around the league or replays. Fans can enjoy a comprehensive sports entertainment experience while attending games.


Widespread technology deployment

Screens have been installed in high footfall locations for maximum visibility. This includes concourse displays where digital signage is placed strategically along the concourses, providing fans with information about upcoming games, third party promotions, concessions, and other relevant content.

Additional displays are located at the main entrances to welcome fans, display ticket information, and showcase current and upcoming events.

Furthermore, the club and premium suites are equipped with digital displays for personalized messaging, menus, and entertainment delivering up to the minute information and sponsor promotions.

Being able to use the platform to promote a specific sponsor or activity at any point in the game is truly exciting and leads to increased energy in the stadium and greater sponsor satisfaction.

Scott Waid

SVP, Head of Technology Services, Atlanta Braves

Reaping the benefit

The technology team at the ballpark has seen considerable business benefits from the deployment. Being able to dynamically change the digital menu boards and offer on the fly promotions has increased patron satisfaction and revenues.

Furthermore, sponsor take-overs across a section of, or all the displays has created a powerful platform for promotional messaging offering a wide-reaching advertising network.

Lastly, an easy-to-use UI, has meant limited training has been required making the platform accessible and efficient for team members to update and change messaging as needed.


Technology partnerships

In conclusion, with a strong vendor partnership being of paramount in importance, Waid commented, “A strong vendor partnership is critical to our success and helps us to deliver the best fan experience. Our partnership with Uniguest has been outstanding and we look forward to all that we’ll do not only this year but in coming years.”

With platform functionality which has still has to be fully exploited by Truist Park, fans can look forward to an even more exciting and engaging experience in the future.

We’ve made a significant commitment with this platform and we’re already getting a great return on our investment; improving the fan experience and engaging them throughout the game. We’re pleased to see the impact and our fans are delighted too!

Scott Waid

SVP, Head of Technology Services, Atlanta Braves