RCP deploys
Tripleplay digital
signage and room
booking solution.


The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) was founded in 1518 and is the oldest medical college in the UK.

The RCP is a professional membership body for physicians – doctors who work in hospitals – with over 40,000 members in the UK and around the world working to improve patient care and reduce illness. Its activities focus on driving improvement in the diagnosis of disease, the care of individual patients and the health of the whole population.

The culmination of a 5-year project, RCP at The Spine in Liverpool is a base for providing and hosting events, activities and services to the college’s fellows and members in the north of England. Having a presence in Liverpool also helps the RCP to become more involved in the health of the local community, supporting one of its major policy initiatives to reduce health inequality.


The Spine opened in May 2021 and has already established itself as a world-class learning centre and award-winning events venue.

The vision for The Spine was to deliver a dynamic space that would encourage collaboration and enhance the education of healthcare professionals, with a focus on biophilic design – a concept used within the building industry which puts people’s health and wellness at its core – as well as state-of- the-art events facilities on the top two floors, Spaces at The Spine.

To align with design goals and enhance the building atmosphere as well as the student, staff, and visitor experience, the RCP identified that using digital signage throughout key locations within the building would help create a contemporary ambiance and support sustainability goals, while also serving as an additional communications channel.

After evaluating several options, the RCP chose Uniguest’s Tripleplay platform, based on its strong record of accomplishment and expertise as one of the industry’s market leaders.

Dynamic spaces need dynamic technologies

Entrusting their vision to the Tripleplay team, the installation focused on creating dynamic signage which could be flexible and adaptable just as the building was designed to be. This digital signage improves communication, while also supporting The Spine’s goal of reducing waste, removing the need for posters and other paper-based notices.

The installation offers visually impactful signage from the moment visitors enter the building, with large screens immediately visible in the reception area showing daily meeting schedules, welcome notifications, and generic wellbeing content. These screens are strategically placed to enhance the experience of The Spine visitors and Spaces at The Spine clients to create maximum impact.

Additionally, digital signage is widely used throughout the building for wayfinding, helping visitors navigate the spaces, and avoiding unnecessary paper use.

Wolfson Theatre

Having multiple screens which can host a variety of signage content throughout the building was a key feature we wanted to achieve in this build. Tripleplay enabled us to bring this vision to life with an easy-to- use signage platform which makes changing content on a regular basis simple and straightforward.

Adrian Prigdeon

AV Operations Manager

Spaces for collaboration, entertainment, and education

One of the key ambitions for the building was to create dynamic spaces within The Spine that allowed for effective collaboration and hybrid experiences, including hosting in-person and virtual events. In addition, there are spaces for training, conferences, and rooms suitable for a wide range of educational activity.

These areas feature digital signage screens that can be used for engaging and informative content. They can be adapted depending on how the space is being used and easily changed to suit individual client needs.

Spaces at The Spine is already well-established as an award-winning venue ideally suited for a variety of events, including conferences, meetings and training, and its dynamic digital signage can be rebranded with just a few mouse clicks.

Rebranding can include switching company logos, sponsorships, event messages, and other bespoke content. Digital menus can be displayed on the screens, reducing unnecessary paper wastage, and supporting the sustainability mission Spaces at The Spine hopes to fulfil alongside Uniguest.


Ergonomic room booking displays

In addition to the digital signage, a network of Reserva room booking panels has been installed outside key meeting spaces in the building. Ergonomically designed in keeping with the ethos of The Spine, the touchscreen Reserva panels allow visitors to quickly see room availability with LED red/green indicators, and calendar details clearly visible on the screen.

Administrators at The Spine can centrally update the room booking information daily without having to manually update a noticeboard and can also quickly adjust if room allocations need to switch around during the day, increasing efficiencies and ensuring ongoing flexibility of the spaces.

The powerful combination of the Tripleplay digital signage and Reserva room booking platforms from Uniguest help The Spine to provide spaces that can be flexible and adaptable to accommodate the needs of visitors and members, whether they are visiting for events, educational sessions, or need a collaboration space which can be easily adapted for their needs.


Hosting events at Spaces at The Spine is one of the adaptable features incorporated in the building design. Having a digital signage platform like Tripleplay that can display branding based on the client’s needs is a highlight of the installation and a feature that appeals to our customers.

Adrian Pridgeon

AV Operations Manager