Vitality Living.


Vitality Living is a senior living provider whose mission is to create vibrant communities where residents, families, and team members can be themselves, live purposefully, and experience a profound sense of belonging. Their goal is to create communities that empower individual choices, create environments where all residents thrive, and eliminate stereotypes with aging.

Differentiating for increased move-ins

Julie Podewitz, Vitality Living’s Chief Sales Officer and CEO of Grow Your Occupancy, saw the opportunity for competitive differentiation by having the Vitality Living’s Sales/Marketing teams emphasize how they are addressing the needs of prospects’ hearing impairments with the use of Eversound’s wireless headphone systems during tours and home visits. The Vitality Living team worked with Eversound to design a study to test the hypothesis that a community having Eversound could improve key sales conversion metrics.


  • 80% of prospective residents are challenged with hearing impairment
  • 78% of residents do not use hearing aids
  • 65% of residents are living withuntreated hearing loss

Engaging prospective residents on community tours

Eversound sent wireless headphone systems to a test group of seven (7) Vitality Living communities for use during community tours to better engage prospective residents. Eversound trained key staff on usage and provided talk tracks for sales/marketing directors to introduce Eversound to prospects and families. The test group was encouraged to use Eversound during all tours as well as home visits, if needed.

At the conclusion of the three-month test, data was collected to compare key sales metrics from the seven community test group against the other 21 Vitality Living communities that did not have Eversound during the same period.

In an ever-growing competitive landscape, we must look at ways to continue differentiating ourselves in the market. By giving our prospects [and residents] the option to use Eversound to enhance their experiences, Vitality LIving is not only offering differentiation, but also living out its mission of empowering individual choice and creating environments where all residents thrive and can be themselves.

Julie Podewitz

Chief Sales Office Vitality Living

Proving the impact of eversound on move-ins

This three-month study demonstrated that utilizing the Eversound wireless headphone system during the sales process resulted in more move-ins than the control group. When looking at Vitality’s sales data from the study period, Eversound helped drive 4-5 new move-ins over the course of three months in 7 communities. Based on these numbers, it can be extrapolated that Eversound can help drive approximately 2 additional move-ins per community per year.

At an average cost of $260/mo for the basic Eversound package, the return on investment (ROI) speaks for itself. Leveraging Eversound further differentiates Vitality’s communities in providing opportunities for residents living with hearing impairment to feel part of their Vitality community!


  • 33% more move-ins compared to the control group
  • 25% increase in tour-to-sale ratio compared to the control group
  • 32% increase in tour-to-move-in ratio compared to the control group

My mother is 89 years old and has a number of disabilities, the most isolating of which is her difficulty with hearing loss. She is often left out of group conversations, with nearly equal challenges with one-on-one interaction...The Eversound system is one of the benefits that appealed to me and contributed to my decision in choosing this community for my mother’s home.

Becky Cummings