Reporting and Analytics.

We understand that an active, engaged resident is a healthier and happier part of any community, so ensuring you understand their habits helps you provide them with a more personalized, human level of support. However, getting a picture of your residents and their level of engagement can be a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s where Sagely Reports comes in handy!


Monthly Individual Resident Report

Our platform allows you to create Monthly Individual Residential reports, surveying several factors to create a holistic picture of their experiences and habits in your community. Sagely Reports allows you to generate on demand or scheduled monthly reports that demonstrates to your:

  • Participation by Dimension of Wellness
  • Participation by Calendar
  • Participation by Tag
  • Check-ins by Status
  • Participation by Calendar and by Event (Includes Check-in statuses)
  • Staff documented activities

As with all of our reports, this can be exported as an Excel file or PDF for consumption away from your Laptop or PC!


Resident Account Reports

Our Resident Account Reports help your team easily assess the engagement of residents in the Sagely App and Website, showing who has received invitations to activities, what their responses have been, what they’ve opted in to and what their settings are.

Resident Profile Reports

Engagement levels, activity interests and participation in wellness activities is vital intelligence, but there are some softer, more personal touches that can be added through our Resident Profile Reports functionality.

How good would it be to be able to establish an understanding of common interests among residents? Or find an easy way to ensure you don’t miss a milestone birthday or anniversary? With Resident Account Reports we help make this much simpler and allow you to create your own custom profile questions to really build a picture of what your community loves.

Custom Reports

As with all things, we can’t think of everything, but we do allow for the moments you think of something we haven’t!

Our Custom Reports give you the power to segment your resident data, allowing you to group by personal interests, hobbies, level of care or anything else you might have in your resident profile.