Sagely Newsletters.

Context is key when it comes to creating active engagement across a community. You can’t assume that every resident in your community is happy to digest news and information from a digital display or device; so where does that leave you? Our Senior Living Newsletters.


We get it, not everybody loves technology as much as we do!

Our Senior Living Newsletter solutions enables you to create simple, attractive, and engaging printed collateral for distribution amongst your elders and residents. Our software helps you pull together information created specifically for the newsletter, or from your content management system and 3rd parties, such as Kupuna Prints, displaying them in a concise, easy to digest download and handout.

Sagely Newsletters can be distributed via several convenient methods:

  • iPrinted handout
  • Online share link
  • Downloaded document for email
  • Via image file

What content can you add and edit in your Sagely Newsletter? 

We provide a variety of pre-configured Newsletter layouts allowing you to quickly add the content you need in the place it fits best.

  • Sagely Calendars
  • dUpcoming events including featured event descriptions
  • Pictures and images
  • lYour community logo and details
  • bCustom text
  • Backgrounds
  • Resident anniversaries and birthdays
  • |Quote of the month
  • PAnd much more!